Princeton egghead wants to ensure that Poke 'N Gropes are "fair"

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    Wired / Enterprise: Interview: Voting-Machine Hacker Tackles Your Next TSA Pat-Down

    But [Princeton computer science professor] Felten’s latest project may be his most ambitious yet. He’s investigating what he calls “accountable algorithms.” Felten and his Princeton team are trying to develop ways to test that the computerized algorithms that loom so large over our daily lives. Take, for example, the algorithm the TSA uses to select travelers for extra security checks. Felten wants to develop a way to check that these algorithms are fair.
  2. Frank

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    Fair? This is TSA/DHS that we're talking about. The only way they would consider it fair is to put everyone in an orange jumpsuit and shackle them to the seats like Con Air.
  3. nachtnebel

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    he's only interested in the algorithms. completely detached from the underlying reality. just like finding out a better system for directing the good workers to the camps and the culls to the showers.
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    Felten's a smart cookie and a good person - he has a history of standing up for people's rights against industry threats like SDMI and the Sony rootkit - but I agree he's missing the point here. It's not about who gets chosen or how, but what happens after that. Once we're at a point where TSA clerks-not-officers-not-agents who touch passengers inappropriately are:
    -AND Pike-sprayed
    -AND thrown to the floor
    -AND cuffed and dragged away for booking

    Then we'll see traveler dignity return to the airport.

    There's too much misdirection going on lately. Did they or didn't they humiliate that wounded veteran? What about sequestration? Oh, no, they have to cut numbers. Let's take a look at how they select people for screening. Etc., etc., etc...

    NO. The fact remains that it's virtual strip search versus sexual assault, and passengers get no Option C. As long as that's still true, everything is not OK. Passengers need an Option C. If TSA refuses to grant it, then we take their jobs away and let them starve to death.

    I applaud Felten for the academic pursuit and for poking TSA with the "accountability" stick, but any advances made here would, I fear, be symbolic victories at best.
  5. KrazyKat

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    Agree except that "who gets chosen or how" does matter also. It is part of what is hateful, and "random" is used as a cover.
    1) He's imbuing there is a rational random process, if flawed; 2) He's trying to correct their process and help TSA.
    If he's a good egghead, maybe he should turn his attention to the misuse of RFID or something.

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