Privacy czar slams airport screening plan

Discussion in 'Other Aspects of Aviation Security' started by Leave no trace, Aug 31, 2011.

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    From the end of the article

    I have to wonder if Whittaker understands what he says?
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    The money quote:

    And it seems to me from reading this article that Canada is taking these concerns seriously. Maybe it's just window dressing, but if I'm reading this correctly (and I am completely ignorant on the day-to-day governance of our northern neighbors), the privacy post is part of the main government and not some pansy post within the security apparatus as it is at TSA.

    What is TSA going to say when Canada says BDO is bunk, Germany says the scanners are crap, ad nauseum...
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    I predict an outbreak of Not Invented Here Syndrome, and that somehow 9/11 makes it different for the States.
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    The same thing they always say:

    "9/11! Shoe Bomber! Underwear bomber! If you don't let us force Grandma to remove her Depends, dump your water, and let us grope little six-year olds, THEN THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON!"

    ...completely ignoring the simple fact that the TSA is exactly the overreaction that Al Qaeda wanted.

    The TSA should be proud of doing such a good job at carrying out the wishes of terrorist organizations everywhere. They don't even have to try any more when for the cost of leaving a note in the lav, they can get the TSA to terrify everyone all over again.
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    "We're special."
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    But that's actually true. They just leave off the "short bus" part of the TSA's brand of "special."
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    The Canadians seem to not have left their senses entirely. My guess is they'd rather not do this at all, but the government realizes that they are a country of 35 million spread thinly next to the US northern border, with no nukes and a massive quantity of natural resources like oil, gold, etc, and the US can overrun them in about 10 minutes. They are like a tick on a pig.
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    Do you really think the solution to a government-caused problem is more government? I'd rather have the solution consist of a 38 caliber veto at 20 paces.

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