Privacy impact statement: Passengers who do not present acceptable identification documents

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    What they do with all that info they write down ...

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    Here's a plain-English executive summary ...

    Examiner: Homeland Security: Making a watch list and checking it twice?

    The United States Department of Homeland Security collects and retains personal information on potential security risks to U.S. transportation security including airline passengers, flight crews, contractors and TSA employees - and anyone else's personal information stored on several data lists created by the federal government since 9/11 in an attempt to "connect the dots" that may have been previously overlooked.

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Transportation Security Administation's (TSA) Office of Intelligence & Analysis Trends and Patterns Branch (TPB) will now integrate all the personally identifiable information (PII) collected into one "jumbo list," in order to better analyze and identify previously unknown links or patterns among individuals who undergo a TSA security threat assessment.

    Exactly whose information is stored in the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) and DHS and TSA compiled lists is a secret.
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    Terrific. TSA is compiling a "Jumbo List."​
    Nice comment at WaPo on what should be titled Pistole's Letter to the Editor:

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