Problems with security contractors cutting corners at JFK?

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    Queens Gazette: Queens Residents To Port Authority: Protect Safety At JFK

    The letter notes recent news reports regarding TSA complaints filed by contracted airport workers employed by Global Security Group and the Air Serv Corporation. In the complaints, workers highlight shoddy practices like understaffing, and asking workers to cut corners when inspecting planes that endanger the safety of workers, passengers, and the surrounding community.

    The group also highlights the low wages and benefits offered to workers, and notes the difficulty compensation like this poses in retaining skilled, quality workers for such vital positions. Much of the local Southeast Queens economy is dependent on the wages paid by the companies that contract with the airport, and the group expresses concern about the ability of workers to make ends meet and invest in their local community.
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    I suppose the contractors could pay twice as much and compete for TSA's highly skilled, competent, polite work force.
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