Pssst! TSA geniuses: Bullets rolling around loose on carpet are harmless

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    Unless you’re a professional baseball pitcher and you hurl one with such velocity that it takes somebody’s eye out, it’s kind of hard to do damage with a bullet unless it’s loaded into a gun and someone pulls the trigger.​
    Apparently, this is news to the dipshits in the TSA and perhaps some other cooperating “security” people, who seem to have confused a bullet with a bomb.​
    PORTLAND, Ore. – Passengers were pulled off a Southwest Airlines flight leaving Portland and re-screened by security after a flight attendant found a bullet on the plane Friday morning.​
    The Southwest Airlines flight bound for Chicago was about to depart from PDX around 6:30 a.m. when a flight attendant saw the .22 caliber bullet on the floor, according to airport spokesman Steve Johnson.​
    The flight crew didn’t know where the bullet came from so the passengers were pulled off the plane, Johnson said.​
    The passengers all had to be re-screened by the TSA and security officials searched the plane.​
    “It was all TSA police. I’d say at least five or six around the plane, the concourse, and such,” said passenger Mike Niehaus. “Then they escorted us back with armed TSA agents all the way back through the metal detectors.”
    Okay, let’s rub our brain cells together. Say someone did have a gun on the plane. He still couldn’t get into the cockpit. Cockpit doors are reinforced. Sure, he could murder another passenger — maybe — unless he was tackled first . . . same as he could in the drugstore, on the street corner, at a movie, or in somebody’s living room.​
    In other words, TSA is providing security in what way?​
    Answer, in case you didn’t come up with it: in our imaginations.​
    I like this guy, commenter “Between” on KATU:​
    @Vince009 Actually, it IS a stretch that finding a .22 cartridge on the floor of a commercial airliner would lead one to assume there’s a gun on the person of someone who has gone through screening. Being careful is no crime, but there’s a line there that goes beyond true reason. Besides, I know kids who wear .22 rounds as earring ornaments. I once traveled cross country and found a .22 round in my carry-on because it had gotten lost in a fold the last time I went to a range. Any time fear is employed as the official response, the terrorists HAVE won. So I figure it’s important to have some priorities. Like maybe just tell people a .22 cartridge was found on the floor of the plane. And let people leave who want to . . . and leave a few empty seats to spread out on for the rest of us.​
    (It’s not just bullets the TSA conflates with bombs, it’s also sandwiches. -Ed.)
    (Photo: Richard Elzey/Flickr Creative Commons)​
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    And this is a person in a position of responsibility. Pathetic.
  5. FliesWay2Much

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    Somebody has had a healthy dose of Kool Aid provided by the AFS crowd:

    This is exactly what Kippie wanted the blue uniforms with the badges to do.
  6. Mike

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    If it had "gone off" outside the confines of a gun chamber, it wouldn't have been very impressive event.
  7. JoeBas

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    I dunno, Mike, I bet if one of the Tremendously Sized Airwaste agents stepped on it, it coulda gone off... ;)
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  8. RB

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    Back when I was just a youngster I recall my brother taking a hammer to a .22 rim fire bullet. He managed to beat the crap out of it before it went off peppering him with the fragments of the case and projectile. No lasting harm done but scared the crap out of him.

    So if the Flight Attendants or TSA had a hammer we probably would be hearing about how they hurt themselves.
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    At least he was regular. Ive been in bunker gear next to ammo that has cooked off, felt like being hit with a paintball and left no scratches on the pants.

    Then we would hear of either idiot milking workmans comp and disability.
  11. Caradoc

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    I'm surprised Rugape hasn't been in here to make excuses for the TSA's failure to detect it in the first place, or the SPOTniks' failure to magically detect the bullet's owner as the "TSA Police" perp-walked everyone off the aircraft.

    Oh, wait. No, I'm not surprised in the slightest.

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