Psycho gets through Kennedy Airport security w/ stun-gun used to allegedly beat ex-girlfriend [JFK]

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  1. Mike

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    Where were the vaunted BDO's who can discern the evil intent in a beaded eye a mile away?

    New York Post: Psycho gets through Kennedy Airport security with stun-gun used to allegedly beat ex-girlfriend

    A psycho ex-boyfriend suspected of beating and raping his former lover got through airport security with the weapon used in the attack, law-enforcement sources said. The 23-year-old Greek national was picked up by authorities this morning at Kennedy Airport just before he boarded an 8:45 a.m. Virgin Airlines flight bound for London, the sources said. The alleged rapist was carrying a stun-gun in his Nike carry-on bag, which TSA screeners failed to notice, the sources said.

    The 19-year-old victim told cops that her ex attacked her with the weapon and forced his way into her Queens apartment last night, where he beat and raped her for hours, according to the sources.

  2. RB

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    Kinda shoots downs Boggy Bobs post for the day. TSA, give them a real target and they fail!
  3. Doober

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    Duly noted over there, RB. I wonder how long it will take the Boob to post comments on this incident.

    Ain't Karma wonderful?
  4. saulblum

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    Nah, Bob will claim that the third-from-last of the 20 layers -- law enforcement -- apprehended the suspect, and the system worked. Just as he brushed off the EWR test failure.

  5. Fisher1949

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    This one has stayed under the radar. If it weren't for him showing up as wanted and being tracked by name by CBP we would never have heard about this.
  6. Mike

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    Comment@ WSJ:
      • 6:48 pm March 13, 2013
      • NO wrote:
      Hmmm, perhaps the tub monkeys are spending too much time frisking children.
  7. Mike

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    Before TSA's bloviating blogger tries to claim creditor for the arrest (layer 19.3, a roving BDO who can detect the evil intent of a Greek rapist at 50 paces, ...) here's how they actually caught him:

    Travelers Today: Accused Rapist Gets Past TSA Security with Stun Gun at JFK Airport

    Vasilopoulos, who is from Greece, was about to board his flight when Port Authority police and Customs agents took him into custody at the request of New York City's special victims unit.

    In other words, he was caught thanks to good police work. Thousands Standing Around not only missed their chance but let a weapon into the sterile area.

  8. RB

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    What is the mini badge of the left shirt pocket and the lanyard also on the left?
  9. Doober

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    The BDOs are never going to catch anyone like this guy because he's a psychopath who doesn't think he did anything wrong, i.e. "she deserved it." Just like they are never going to catch any terrorist because they believe so deeply in their cause.
  10. Caradoc

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