Public charter airline Southern Airways Express flying Atlanta-Memphis & Atlanta-Destin FL

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    PDK airline offers alternative flights, free parking, no security lines

    Alyson and Scott Reynolds took their first flight on Southern Airways Express to Atlanta from their home in Destin, Fla., on July 8 for her interior design business.

    She was happy to skip the Transportation Security Administration’s security lines. He said he liked the flight’s convenience, as the couple lives about 15 minutes from the Destin airport and only needed to arrive 15 minutes before the flight ... Southern Airways Express is able to operate from PDK under a Federal Aviation Administration definition of public charters. Essentially, airport officials have said, the company markets, schedules and books passengers, and then contracts with a subsidiary that provides the flights.


    This summer, the airline operates 54 flights a week, including two takeoffs and two landings most days from PDK.


    Flights on Southern Airways Express start at $198 one way, but passengers who follow the charter airline on Facebook ( can occasionally find deals cutting prices to as little as $129. Sisson said the first seats are always cheaper on each flight. Last-minute flights are $248 one way.

    Atlanta passengers can fly directly only to Memphis or Destin under the current schedule, but Sisson expects the company will add more destinations once the airline is better established in the Atlanta market.

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