Qantas planes come close over Adelaide

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    There's close, and there's really close!

    220 meters = 722 feet

    A330-200 dimensions:
    • Wingspan: 197 feet
    • Length: 193 feet
    Yahoo News AU: Qantas planes come close over Adelaide (Sept 21 2013)

    The Airbus A330 aircraft flew within 220 metres of each other yesterday and were seconds from a crash yesterday afternoon. The planes received warning they were flying too close and re-established the required distance.
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    Mike Founding Member Coach Qantas pilots praised for averting mid-air crash over Adelaide following air-traffic control blunder (Sept 21 2013)

    A mid-air disaster was avoided by seconds over Adelaide yesterday when two Qantas pilots ignored traffic-control directions that put them on a collision path. The passenger jets came within about 200m of a mid-air disaster just 19km west of the city about lunch time. The planes flew into the recognised danger zone in clear skies over Gulf St Vincent after a traffic-control blunder resulted in one plane being given permission to fly directly towards the other. The pilots reacted to on-board warning systems and changed the positions to avert a mid-air catastrophe. The traffic controller in question was last night stood down, pending the result of a full investigation.
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