Questions for TSA over missing money at PHX

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Agreed, it would be so simple to keep your belongings in sight if they wanted to.

    This is really a policy area since it involves installation planning & budgeting. Besides the degree of personal security that could be added, a lot of these checkpoints would benefit from a simple human factors analysis -- optimizing not only the flow of passengers & baggage into the system but even things like returning empty bins which now are done via cart and often doesn't happen until the lines are delayed.

    The same applies to checked baggage. Do the baggage inspection right in front of the customer, then offer the option to seal the luggage. Customers who don't want to watch the inspection could drop theirs off at an expedited/theft conveyor.
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    I remember when being with your bags at all times was important enough to warrant a question.

    Remember the three questions?

    "Have your bags been in your possession the whole time?"

    No, a smurf took them out of my sight.
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    Exactly. I've got accounts in my Master List, as does Fisher, of pax being deliberately separated from their belongings. It's all one big power trip.
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    Nico works for the TSA.

    People who work for the TSA lie.

    Therefore, Nico is lying.
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    Lake Elsinore. For your reading enjoyment:

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    If? IF??? What kind of person doesn't feel at least a little bit protective of wallet, keys, laptop, iPad?

    It shouldn't be up to the passenger to express the (apparently really unusual) wish to keep an eye on their things, and it shouldn't be a matter of the smurfs "accommodating" such request. It should be SOP.

    How it's s'posed to work: A few weeks ago I flew out of CBR and set off the WTMD with my stupid metal hip. A grandmotherly woman appeared almost instantly to do the patdown. I had three bins - one with (emptied) laptop bag with handbag stuffed inside, one with laptop, one with tablet PC*. Before starting the patdown, she stacked the bag-bin on top of the laptop bin. Worried that she was going for a (unstable) three-bin stack, I instinctively reached for the tablet bin. She stopped where she was and said, in a normal tone of voice and volume, "No please don't touch that; I'll come back for it. I'm just moving these out of the way down here. " And she did - she moved them about four feet to a table at the end of the roller tray, then took the third bin there as well. As she came back, she said jovially, "I know it's silly but we're not allowed to let you touch your things until we're done." As she did the patdown (all 15 seconds of it, no hands inside clothes or "resistance") she made sure I was positioned where I could see my bins. Overall: professional, polite, friendly without being familiar. And quick.

    *ASUS Transformer. I loooooove it. >3>3
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    Exactly. When going through a TSA dragnet, I'm very watchful of my belongings. I don't hesistate to raise my voice if I can't see my laptop, backpack, etc.. Wallet stays in my back pocket, so that's one less thing to worry about.

    If I've learned anything, it's to never trust TSA.
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