Video Quick look inside the TSA EWR Terminal C MMW Peep Show Booth

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    Apparentely, it also allows for the clerks in DEN to signal to the pleasure room operator that a cute pax is on their way to the Porn-O-Scope.

    TSO saying "heads up, got a cutie for you"

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    First of all, I am not sure I consider FT as a reliable source ;)

    Second, the AIT scans show nothing of peoples features. In fact, some times its hard to tell if the person your looking at is male or female - though I doubt anyone here will believe me. But honestly, you can not tell anything about a persons beauty from the scan.

    These are the images from the backscatter. NOTE, I'm linking to a news story, NOT giving away SSI. And I used a url shortener, hope it works!!
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    Oh, then what do you consider a reliable source? Just because there may be some issues with certain people, that does not mean that FT is completely unreliable.
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    That thread is simply based on what 1 person says. And based on the thousands of images I have seen on the AIT... well, it doesn't add up. Its hard to tell someones age. Its impossible to tell beauty. You can see if the person is thin or not. If they are tall or not. But someone saying a "cutie" is coming to the AIT? No one who has worked on one would say that, in MY opinion, as you couldn't tell if you had a "cutie" in the scanner or not. Its only my opinion, but based upon thousands of scans of people.
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    You couldn't tell if you had a "cutie" based on the image on the AIT screen, but when informed of the passenger's measure of physical attractiveness by a direct eye witness, it's not hard to mentally fill in the blanks.

    Our outward appearance to the general public is something over which we have control and we have decided that it is acceptable to be seen in public with sufficient clothing, face/hair/hands/arms/legs partially visible.

    We have not decided that it is socially acceptable to be seen naked. There are those who have (nudists/naturists) but they are a minority.

    A TSO looking at a pax and deciding said pax is attractive, then mentally undressing him/her is, though distasteful, subconsciously regarded as semi-normal and harmless - the mental blank-filling has to be done on the covered-up parts of the body and we find it acceptable because regardless of the mental image, those parts are still not visible.

    With AIT, on the other hand, the covered-up parts of the body ARE visible and only the outward appearance has to be generated mentally. The idea that TSOs staffing the AIT leering booth (not necessarily SATTSO) would do this is responsible for the uncomfortable sexual element of AIT and thus for it subsequent derisive nicknames (Nude-O-Scope, MolestiMeter Wave, Rape-i-Scan). The inversion of visible vs. invisible upsets people, and understandably so. We have arrived at our consensus upon social norms as a collective society and while it may differ from, say, Asian, European, Middle-Eastern or native/aboriginal social norms, it is still ours as a society and we do not consider it subject to at-will violation by TSA.

    The act of a scan-side TSO reporting to a booth-side TSO that "I got a cutie for ya" is what brings people's minds firmly and uncomfortably to focus on that violation of the socially agreed-upon expectation of privacy. It alerts people to the fact that "The person who's not supposed to be able to see who's going through the scan has now been informed of my appearance and the veil has been pierced."

    Now, we all know that the veil hasn't been completely pierced as there's still imagination to be done, but that's not the point. The point is, once again, that USA TSA TSOs do not have the right to unilaterally violate our social norms for their own convenience. Furthermore, TSA HQ - Nappy, Pissy and company - do not have the right to unilaterally implement policies and procedures (e.g. introducing AIT in the first place) that would lead to such violations. Yet in spite of this, they have. They have betrayed the trust of the people and that is why the people are angry with them. Furthermore, because they steadfastly refuse to apologize and step back (note Pissy saying "American social norms are just going to have to change to accommodate this" - social norms are not something that can be changed overnight OR on demand), people are escalating their response by calling for the dissolution of the organization or for harsh legislation that endangers the liberty of TSOs in response to TSOs endangering the privacy and rights of the people.
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    I don't doubt that the idea to have people see their own Nude-O-Scope images may have been tossed around for consideration. Hasn't that been done at an airport in Europe, where some people approached this with the same curiosity and lack of long term health concern as shoe fitting fluoroscopes several generations ago?

    Still, the fact remains that the TSA still has not released specimen images in the same size and resolution and what the screener sees when he is alone in the viewing booth.

    I've asked TSA Blogger Bob ( Curtis Burns ) about this over and over about this (my questions in red), with no resonse:

    Originally Posted by Bob at the TSA Blog, Feb 3 2010
    These pictures were provided to TSA by the vendor. I have never claimed they are the exact size and resolution that our officers see. I have provided video examples showing what our officers see. I have requested the resolution and size and was told it was proprietary information that I could not release. I'm still looking into being able to get that info for you, but I can't promise anything.

    So it's been half a year now, are we to understand that this is not a SSI issue, but rather a government vendor claiming that releasing the actual resolution and size is just a case proprietary information that they don't want released? What are they fearing?

    Originally Posted by TSA Bob
    The storing and exporting of images only takes place in a laboratory or testing environment while in "test mode." Machines in the airports will not be placed in test mode and there is nobody at the airports who have the capability of placing it in that mode. This mode is not even accessible by the people who perform maintenance on the machines.

    Is that to say that the machines could never store and transmit images, even if DHS/TSA desires this capability at some time in the future?

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