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    This is from back in June/July. This guy (?) posted this quiz at several news sites. I thought it was so well put that it deserved its own thread. It's eminently quotable and gets the point across better than all the reams of facts, data, empirical evidence (which, as we've discovered, doesn't convince people anyway):

    Question: What kind of a man knowingly surrenders his own daughter to one of us government workers to be molested, standing by passively even as her private parts are fondled while she screams “Daddy Daddy, please help me!”

    Answer: an American man.

    I speak only to you men when I say you gutless cowards will be lining up to hand over your wives and daughters in our airports, it will happen hundreds of time each day across our USA. You had better start explaining to your children that we government employees are allowed to touch their private parts whenever we want; it will make the whole thing a lot less dramatic. Seriously, the 1st time is always the worst. The next time you get molested will not feel as disturbing as we accommodate you to our abuses.



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