Radio host pulled aside at gate for search, plane leaves without him

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    Examiner: National talk radio host misses his flight after TSA detains him twice

    On Friday morning, Mark and Ian were preparing to fly back to New Hampshire after a business trip. The two had already been through the TSA checkpoint in the airport and were getting ready to board the flight. Mark asked Ian to charge his cell phone using a battery that Ian has in his backpack. Ian agreed, and Mark handed his phone over. Mark boarded the plane. Ian, however, was singled out again. The TSA pulled Ian aside, preparing to search the activist again. United Airlines was told to hold the flight as the TSA began to protect the American people from the potential hazards of a man who is co-host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show heard around the world.

    Ian was searched again. As he was searched, the United Airlines plane to Manchester, New Hampshire left without him. Mark was left on the plane without a phone and no clue what was happening to his co-host. The two had a pre-recorded interview scheduled with Dr. Ron Paul for Friday morning; one that Ian wasn’t able to attend.
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    I'm curiose to see how the airline explains this but I can guess on the form/canned response.
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    No doubt that the airline will point the finger at the TSA, and the TSA (Testicle Slappers of America) will point the finger at the airline.:rolleyes:
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    What's a single abandoned passenger to an airline that will ditch a hundred at a time?

    USA Today: 'Abandoned' in Cheyenne
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    Is there a link to the radio show with Dr. Paul? I bet he had a choice select slice of comments...

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