Radio host says TSA agents inappropriately touched, embarrassed her

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Caradoc

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    You're being facetious. To the best of my knowledge, no WEI have ever been detected by the ETD.

    It's always some poor old lady's hand lotion.
  2. N965VJ

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    Just another reason to insist the screener put on fresh gloves out of the box, and get fresh testing media out of the container.

    • Licking your upper lip slightly during the Grope Speechâ„¢ when they get to the part about going up the inner thigh until they meet resistance. If your male assist is a two striper, he might be a Behavior Detection VooDoo practitioner. That burning wood smell is his brain trying to process that microexpression.
    Conversation starters:
    • "You have nice, big hands."
    • That uniform is very attractive on you. Do you work out?
    • I'll be back in town next week; would you like to go out for drinks? You look young, but that's okay. I'll let you use the spare fake ID I have. It has Cher's picture on it, but that's another story.

  3. Doober

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    Yes, I'm being facetious.

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