Radiologist Speaks Softly

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by AngryMiller, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Got a nephew who is a radiologist at a hospital in the midwest. Recently he and his wife flew from home town to Boston for a radiologist conference. He asked the TSO the radiation level of the nudie-scope and the TSO said it is safe. The nephew said "If I don't know the radiation level, neither my wife or I am going through that. He got the pat down.

    In talking with him, he was shocked that TSA forbids TSOs from carrying a dosimeter with them. He was even more shocked that TSA self certifies that the equipment is effective and operated in a safe manner. Added He said that the NRC should be at least looking over TSA's shoulder End Add.

    The kicker is when he said "lactating women should not be exposed to radiation unless absolutely required for medical reasons." Said that the milk producing cells are delicate and radiation exposure could possibly result in future breast cancer issues for them.
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  2. FetePerfection

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    There will be financial fallout over cancer claims 10 to 20 years from now and guess who will be on the hook?
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  3. AngryMiller

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    Us? Grrrrrrrrrr. Poor people who get cancer due to an out of control, answerable to no one agency, are the ones really being harmed.
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  4. As a currently lactating woman, thanks for the heads up. I wasn't planning on ever going in a scanner, but it makes me shudder to think of it in this light.
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  5. FetePerfection

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    I wasn't thinking about this group but yes, no doubt you are right. I don't have much sympathy for the TSA work force and their workers comp claims but I know this will cost us taxpayers plenty.
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    That will be tough to prove unless you're a TSO. No, this is a health crisis now--it's completely unacceptable to have no measurement/no warning/no protocols on human exposure. How did this get environmental clearance? (my field). Because they exempt the police-state's emergency rules--you wouldn't want terrorists to run amok while people systematically evaluate the impacts. Have OSHA weigh-in. No, that's too much bureaucracy and delay--what's bringing our country down. Only defeatists and haters want environmental regs. Ya, right. Here you go, here's your streamlined Patriot Act government.
    Good grief, the airports should just be shut down...
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    As a cancer survivor myself, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. A person's job choice now shouldn't be killing them 20 years later. The innocents who thought the government had their best interests in mind when the AITs were installed should remember THIS. WARNING DISTURBING LINK.
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  8. FetePerfection

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    Excellent point! Thanks for making it -

    I worked in the workers comp field for 20 years and had to deal with OSHA regs quite often so yes it is amazing that NoS and it's operators go unchecked. Even my vet-tech daughter wears a dosimeter all day every day as required by law.
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  9. AngryMiller

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    Illinois has requirements for everyone but TSA and that include veterinarians and their staff. Might be TSA thinks we're less than animals.
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    Not pets, just animals for experiment.:eek:
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    Every time I ask one of these TSA apologists on websites why agents aren't wearing dosimeters, if the radiation is so low, they never answer.
  12. barbell

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    They have their heads buried in the sand.

    "It's for your own good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :rolleyes:
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