REAL Foods are Usually Safer

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    Diacetyl causes cancer & Alzheimer's? Really?

    No, maybe!

    That's the latest food ingredient of concern in my constant quest to keep the unhealthy stuff out of my family's diet and the healthy stuff in.

    I'm no smarter about food than I was when I started to get really serious about nutrition. I've only got one solid piece of advice for anyone else who's trying to eat well. Eat the real foods, stay away from the imitations.

    Diacetyl is case in point. It's a flavoring added to food to make it taste buttery. Apparently it can be really hard on chemically sensitized Theater Staff. (Who knew?) Any how, I go scampering to the larder to root it out. The Smart Balance Margarine and the Popcorn salt are the only suspects. Both contain "Natural and Artificial Flavors." Go figure. Maybe it's in there, maybe it isn't. I'm not worried, because neither item is consumed much at this household. Popcorn is consumed about twice a month, the margarine about 4 times a month. They're not favorites. Real butter would be a better choice for every member of the family. Cholesterol is a concern, but we do so much to counter it already that a few more tablespoons of butter a month are not going to harm us.

    That's the way these questions play out, almost every time. Stay away from the fake stuff.

    As an aside, I will tell you that not all of our healthier choices have been more expensive. We quickly discovered that most of the more dangerous additives were in convenience foods. I now cook a lot more from scratch, which takes time but it is actually cheaper.
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    About the only way you can be sure is know your farmer, or grow your own.
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    I'm with you.

    Natural and artificial flavors -- sort of like MSG - which should also be avoided, but is in a lot of processed foods, and just as artfully disguised in the ingredients list.

    We do that too -- although I guess it's technically more correct to say that my significant other does the cooking from scratch -- I do the dishes. :)

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