Reason: TSA agents caught performing security checks at Romney event

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  1. Mike

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    Old news but more people are waking up to the reality ...

    I personally will not patronize any business or event that allows these thieving perverts to harass their customers.

    Reason: TSA agents caught performing security checks at Romney event

    In what appears to be a growing trend, TSA agents were seen conducting screenings at an Iowa campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

    An attendee at Romney's speaking event at the Koch Brothers farm tweeted a photo of TSA personnel in black jackets gathered near a security checkpoint. It is unclear whether the agents were checking bags or performing full-body pat downs.
  2. I would question whether they even have the skills for the job. Their process is so boilerplate that it seems they would be out of their league screening people in a different situation. They're out of their league even doing what they're doing at their own checkpoints. If I was Romney, I would be concerned for my safety if this is the kind of security working his gigs.
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    Private security firms conduct bag searches at most museums around the world so why in this country is TSA called in? I don't get it.
  5. Al Coholic

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    Might not have been Romney's staff idea...

    ...yet, he did not come out against it forcefully, and that's (another reason) why he is not getting my vote, either.
  6. DeafBlonde

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    Obama might have sent them there as spies! <:shifty eyes emoticon:>

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