Received My First Body Scan and I Am Okay With It

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Because of arrogance, frankly. I have been called 'anti-American' for pointing out something similar. There are many people who are blinded by nationalism and patriotism and cannot fathom using other countries as models of what may work in a more effective fashion.

    The irony is that many of those countries have been the targets of terrorism for decades longer than the US, and on a greater scale. They have had the time to figure things out, and could be a good model for TSA.

    I've been through at least 6 non-US airports in the last 2 weeks and my shoes have not alarmed; I tossed those Aerosoles and replaced them with GEOX, my usual travel brand.
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    Because the TSA pervs enjoy performing the pat-downs too much to stop doing them. They're also fond of barking at the passengers and enforcing truly nonsensical and stupid "rules" that don't really exist, because they're complete sociopaths with no other possible avenues of employment.

    Well, except for the TSA employees who're just so stupid that they actually believe they're contributing to "security" with their nonsense.
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    That is exactly how I feel. If you give them an inch they'll take a mile. Well, I'm not giving them an inch.
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    At least 3 times a week I drive onto a military installation one of which is a nuclear submarine base. Before I get to the gate there is sign saying that I can be searched and so can my vehicle. Never in the past 20 years have I been asked to get out of my vehicle. Why? Because the guards at the gate actually look at me. They look at the sticker on my car and they look at my government issued ID and are trained enough to know that I am not a threat. Even when the threat level on the base is high you do not see long lines of cars being searched or drivers standing with their arms outstretched while being groped. Why? Because they hire people who can think - that are background checked and trained properly and paid a decent wage and are respectful. Most of these guards are civilian so it is possible to hire intelligent people for this type of position. There is also very often a military person holding an assault rifle at the gate and I can tell you that I feel less threatened by their presence than I do at the airport being at the mercy of some nitwit in a polyester uniform who thinks he/she has the authority of God. The TSA could learn a lot from the military!
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    Well, they could - if any TSA employees were capable of learning.

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