Regarding the trip which I would like to take... any tips or advice?

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    Hello again, everyone.

    I know this section is for people's PAST experiences with the TSA & such, but I'm posting here because I'm curious how a FUTURE trip would play out. (If this is the wrong place to put it, please let me know and I'll move and/or delete it.)

    The last time I went on an airplane was in December 2009, when I went on a short, 2-week trip to Israel for Jewish young adults. And here's the major irony: As we were watching the movie "Operation Thunderbolt" (a dramatization about the Entebbe raid to rescue the Israeli hostages from a hijacked airliner), someone from our group got the news about the failed Christmas Underwear Bombing. As some people despaired over how this might affect their own personal travelling once they returned to the U.S. because they then had to take additional flights back to their homes, little did we know that it was when this whole "scope&grope" nightmare would begin for everyone...

    So, anyway, I'm seriously thinking about going back to Israel, this time on a more long-term trip. Part of the reason is because I want to take advantage of another opportunity for young adults while I'm still young enough for it, and part of it is because I just want to leave this country for a good chunk of time, and maybe forget that I'm an American citizen for a while (the TSA being only part of our collective national embarrassment), and ironically, I would have to put up with them in order to leave this country, at least if I traveled by air. (I'm still looking into the sea freighter alternative, even if it might wipe out all my savings.)

    I frequently check for updates on JFK (which is the airport closest to me) to try and get a sense of what to expect. I have it on good authority from another Jewish friend who recently went on his own Birthright trip last month that the TSA presence was there with the scanners in what I assume was Terminal 4 (because that's where El Al flies out of from JFK, and depending on the program I go on, that would be the most likely airline of choice).

    My only real question or concern at the moment (I'll think of more later) is whether I should bring any electronic devices at all, like my iPod or my old laptop. Or maybe I should just mail them ahead to where I would be stating? Paying for transoceanic shipping would be peanuts compared to having to replace them outright in the event of brazen theft.

    Oh, wait, I actually do have one other question at the moment: If I do go during a certain time of day, which time of day would be better for WTMD, assuming that the option was available? Would it be when things are busiest in the middle of the day, or sometime early in the morning or late at night when there's not as many people?

    Thank you for hearing me out.

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