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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Elizabeth Conley, Jul 29, 2011.

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    In the article about Rep. Cissna there was a quote by the TSA:
    The TSA said it was following procedures that state security officers "will need to see and touch your prosthetic device, cast or support brace as part of the screening process." The TSA website has one page that details what breast cancer survivors should expect. I clicked on the link and this is what it said:
    • You should neither be asked to nor agree to lift, remove, or raise any article of clothing to reveal your breast prosthesis, and you should not be asked to remove it. Ok, so if according to the TSA they need to see your prosthetic device and yet you are not required to lift, raise or remove any clothing to reveal your breast prosthesis - how the heck are they supposed to "SEE" it? Who writes this crap?
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    I wish she'd come to the east coast.

    Use of the adjective "whistle-stop" indicates she's traveling by train. However, she has to get out of Alaska by air (at least if she wants to use her time wisely), which makes me wonder if the TSA in AK has determined not to harass her any further. That would be both good and not so good: good for her, but not so good for other breast cancer survivors.
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    She's coming to Iowa but the date and location has not been determined. Mike, you love road trips - I hope you can make it...I'm going to keep a watch out for details and will be there with bells on!

    If any TUGGER'S see updates please post - maybe we can make this and similar posts a sticky.
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    This is to deny you any control of the situation whatsoever. You aren't allowed to simply hand it over. They get to blindly grope at your body, assaulting you both physically and emotionally.

    Seriously: wouldn't you rather hand it over than have those repulsive goons mindlessly pawing at you?
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    This and the bizarre yogurt story have the same punchline: they REALLY want to be able to grope, revealing this obviously has nothing to do with security, but has everything to do with control, unfettered rights to search your person etc.
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    Some great news, at least for us in Minneapolis - Representative Cissna is making a road trip to here in 10 days. Unfortunately I am out of town while she's here but I have been charged with coordinating details and location so if there are any Tuggers nearby who want more details - feel free to write. Hoping our fearless leader can welcome her and be her tour guide while she's here.
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    Here a report from Phoenix, the town that Yukari Miyamae put on the map ...

    My Fox Phoenix: Alaska State Rep. Refuses to Subject Herself to Intrusive TSA Searches

    but ...

    Innovative techniques that actually work? :rolleyes:
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    "We have too many people who travel every day......" WTF, is TSA now going to be setting quotas on who can travel on what day? I can just see it now: you have to contact TSA before making any travel plans in order to get permission to travel on the days you want to travel.

    Nico really sounded like an (expletive deleted) with that comment - if Nico's father is reading this, yes I said he sounded like an (expletive deleted).
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    "...too many people who travel every day...." "English (censored), do you speak it?" You going to pay me to not travel as part of my job? When are the checks going to be rolling in for that one?

    Who decides if there are too many people traveling, Nico? Some incompetent fool buffoon sycophant stooge government lacky sitting in his office, playing with himself instead of working?

    Mico, I suggest you look into another line of work, perhaps bath house attendant?
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  12. RB

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    No, male prostitute, a giant step up from being a TSA Spokeshole.
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    What Nico said was just so far over the top it isn't even funny. His handlers, if he has any, are doing lots of head shaking and eye rolls right now. Nico, write down what you are going to say before you say it and have someone else check it for gaffes. Then once that is done then read what was written off of the paper. Do not ad lib. Do not even exchange pleasantries with anyone who could possibly be a reporter.

    This agency's employees are their own worst enemy. DHS/TSA might actually be killing terrorists. Terrorists read what come out of DHS and dies in a fit of laughter.
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    LOVE this!!

    As for update on Cissna's tour, I just got one from Flyers' Rights. Turns out that the frigging Greyhound station wanted her out:
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    I'm working on a "friendly" venue in Minneapolis for a TSA Tea and if she has time, a second in St. Paul - just wish I could be there to meet her.

    Btw, if any Tuggers are in the Twin Cities or interested in visiting August 16 & 17, I'm looking for someone to represent us. Hoping Mike and Barbell can but love strength in numbers.
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    The "too many travelers" statement is emblematic of TSA's arrogance. Right up there with Pissy's USA Today interview where he essentially says he won't take action until the abuses get out of hand.

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  17. FetePerfection

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    Oh so he admits there are abuses but thinks a certain number are acceptable acceptable casualties?
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    That's an affirmative!

    BTW. I sent Rep Cissna an email asking if she will be in the DC area or anywhere nearby.

    Her email is below if anyone else wants to contact her. She and her staff have been amazing good at replying to emails.
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    Look at it from TSA's perspective.

    TSA doesn't like criticism.
    Rep. Cissna is proving difficult to discredit.
    TSA is already showing up at bus and train terminals.

    The last thing TSA wants Rep. Cissna doing is holding a meeting on TSA territory.
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    I haven't watched the clip yet.

    Is Pistole holding up his hands to illustrate how big 'too many travellers' is?

    Or is he demonstrating some new tweak on groping?
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