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Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by FetePerfection, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. FetePerfection

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    I've been reading the provisions outlined in the Republican Platform and came across a small but "hopeful" paragraph.
    And in regards to the Fourth Amendment this:
    While I hoped for a stronger position and dissolution to DHS & TSA, I am encouraged. Now to scan the Democrat's Platform.
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  2. FetePerfection

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    Soooo, just finished reading the entire Democratic Platform for 2012 and there was NOT A SINGLE word or reference to reforming TSA or protecting our rights under the Fourth fact it was a very interesting read. Without saying anymore, I recommend reading them both side-by-side. The presentations are vastly different, not just the positions and content.
  3. Mike

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    Since I've been been old enough to pay attention, I've seen only party's set of campaign promises kept, and that was the Republican's Contract with America in 1994. The problem with the Contract with America is that they didn't promise do anything, only to vote on doing things. They voted on everything (kept those empty promises) and passed nothing, although it was beneficial to get a lot of dead weight out of the House & Senate for few years, since replaced by a new crop of lead sinkers.

    So I hope nobody minds if I take this wonderful Republican platform with a grain of salt.
  4. CelticWhisper

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    While I'm completely and utterly disillusioned with Barack Obama as a leader, I'm also still completely and utterly disgusted with George W. Bush and am standing with Mike here. The Red Scare 2.0 was started (and its flames fanned) under the GOP administration led by Bush Jr., and after seeing the good-ole-boy cronyism and disregard for dissent (I'm sure we all remember the hullaballoo over "patriotism this, homeland that" which he did nothing to deter or abate...remember "Freedom Fries"?) that took place under his reign, I'm nowhere near ready to vote GOP even if they do claim to want to "change" TSA. For all we know it's just "privatize with the same onerous regulations and procedures." What "security systems" would they see replace scope-n-grope? That laser scanner thing that supposedly can tell everything about you without you even knowing? Whatever it is, I doubt they'd see the return to WTMD/HHMD/pre-NINE ELEVEN security screening.

    As much as I agree with Stein and the Green Party, I think the only platform that fits the Travel Freedom cause (is that the right term for TUG/FTTUSA/etc.?) is Gary Johnson's. To my knowledge, he's still the only one who's flat-out said "TSA abuses of travelers will stop if I am elected President" without beating around the bush and talking about reform, change, priorities, restructuring, moving forward, or other political (expletive deleted)-bingo buzzwords.

    Stein gets close with her "protestors' rights" campaigning, and that may well extrapolate to TSA, but I think she had Occupy in mind with that one and not Travel Freedom.
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