Ricky Flowers, TSA supervisor at Reagan National, is ignorant of TSA policies

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Dec 30, 2011.

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    If Ricky Flowers, TSA Supervisor at Reagan National airport doesn't know that TSA does not prohibit photography at TSA Checkpoints then what else does Ricky Flowers, TSA Supervisor at Reagan National airport not know about TSA policy?

    I would expect a TSA Supervisor, such at TSA Supervisor Ricky Flowers, would be well versed in all TSA policies. If not TSA Supervisor Ricky Flowers should be demoted to TSO Ricky Flowers and then TSA Employee Ricky Flowers should be fired for incompetence.
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    Why would STSO Ricky Flowers have to first be demoted to TSO Ricky Flowers before he becomes former TSO employee Ricky Flowers? I would think that STSO Ricky Flowers should be fired as STSO Ricky Flowers. It might look better on Ricky Flowers resume that Ricky Flower's highest rank achieved at TSA was STSO Ricky Flowers. After all, if by chance Ricky Flowers is even considered for another government position, Ricky Flowers would need all the brownie points that Ricky Flowers could possibly accumulate.
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  4. RB

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    I think TSA Supervisor Rickly Flowers may well be TSM Ricky Flowers. In either case demoting Rickey Flowers to the lowest TSA level would perhaps prevent Ricky Flowers from resuming the supervisory position if the firing was ever turned over and should former TSA employee Ricky Flowers ever apply for another government job the reduction would follow Ricky Flowers to any new job.

    Of course knowing the lack of TSA accountability TSA employee Ricky Flowers will likely get a promotion.
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    I moved the comments about Ricky Floers from here:

    This forum (along with a "relevant" URL) is a better place for a discussion of those TSA clerks & supervisors who make up their own rules as they go.
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    TSA employee Ricky Flowers sounds like a criminal in the making since he used his position in the TSA to make up a law/rule and deny a citizen his Constitutional rights. Ricky Flowers should be brought up on charges and fired from the TSA.
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  7. RB

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    Keelhauling on the U.S.S. Constitution would be more instructive.
  8. Mike

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    Or sue him.

    As I pointed out in another thread, you could actually make a living suing policie officers who deny your 1st amendment right to photograph them. The judgments seem to run about $40K per suit. Once you have a few in the pipeline, you'll have a nice income. The downside is an occasional cracked skull or taser barb in your (expletive deleted).

    TSA officers can't detain you (unless they can get a LEO to do the dirty work), so the awards would be lower, but with fewer barbs in your butt & bumps on your head.
  9. DeafBlonde

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    ...but, but, but...won't you miss your flight? :confused: </sarcasm>
  10. Caradoc

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    For the discussion, certainly.

    I can think of a much better place for the actual TSA clerks and stuporvisors, though.
  11. Mike

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    But it will pay for many more flights. One year my wife & I requal'd for Plat for ~$2700 each (don't remember the exact amounts). In later years, we funded our domestic flying 100% from bump vouchers. This is just another type of "bump".

    We could start flying in style, whenever we're not in jail.

    However, I'm way too much of a mouthy hothead to pull this off. :D
  12. Mike

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    Arriving in (expletive deleted) right after Sammy Davis, Jr.? i.e. down garbage chute into the inferno
  13. Caradoc

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    Oh, nothing so drastic. I understand the Parks Service has a sizable number of pit toilets needing to be mucked out. Using ex-TSA employees just means there's no need to close the toilet for use while they're down there...
  14. Leave no trace

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    Well, as TSA employee Ricky Flowers seems to be as daft as a brush, maybe he would be better utilised as a toilet brush in the pit toilets that need to be mucked out?
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    For archive purposes since Blogdad Bob probably won't put this up.

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    Sadly, Dante Alighieri passed away before composing the 10th circle of the Divine Comedy.....
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  18. Louis Betti

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    The reality of episodes like this is proper training for both the TSA and police. Of course, there are issues where certain, paranoid states / cities, can prohibit photography at the airports they run. So, one must know the facts when photographing. The TSA might have one policy that fits all, but a local airport authority might have another that conflicts. Ultimately, it is all just security theater, but we know that, eh?
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  19. Mike

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    State and local governments CANNOT prohibit photography in any public space. Having your airport operate as a quasi-private corporation does not make it "private" -- it is still a government agency whose actions are restrained by the Bill of Rights. There are an extremely small number of truly private airports in the U.S. that offer Part 121 (scheduled passenger) service. GA flyers will encounter more private airports, but most are publicly owned.

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