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    By Davy V.
    Rochester, NY Police officer
    Eliud Rodriguez​

    To say that Rochester, NY Police Chief James Shepard's latest, desperate attempt at gaining the community's trust and respect with a promotional video titled, "RPD: Our Badge is Your Shield", is in bad taste, would be a gross understatement.

    To say it adds insult to injury, would not even come close.

    On June 21, 2012, Israel "Izzy" Andino, a bipolar, mentally-ill young man, turned 20 years old.

    Just a few hours later, 7 Rochester, NY Police officers executed Andino, in what neighbors described as a modern day firing squad, hitting Andino at least 11 times and riddled nearby homes with bullets, as young children were getting ready for school.

    Andino had gotten in an argument with his mother, and left his home carrying a BB rifle.

    Rochester's corporate-run, mainstream news media spun and helped spread false rumors, by reporting that Andino had stabbed his mother, despite Andino's own mother, Carmen Baez denying that she was ever stabbed.

    What Rochester's mainstream news outlets did not report was that Rochester Police officers had several opportunities to subdue Andino, including using bean bag rounds, and didn't.

    In fact, the Rochester, NY Police department didn't even deploy their Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team, or "EDPRT", even though the team was supposedly created to deal with situations exactly like Andino's.

    Instead, officers followed Andino to Locust St., from a nearby grocery store parking lot, where video from the store's surveillance cameras showed several RPD officers had plenty of opportunities to safely take Andino into custody, and didn't.

    After the 7 RPD officers simultaneously opened fire on Andino, RPD officials ordered the grocery store's owner to shut down his business, as officials confiscated the video.

    As Andino's cold body lay uncovered on a Locust St. sidewalk for almost 8 hours, with Rochester, NY Police officers, and crime scene technicians stepping over him to take photographs, and collect evidence, the cover-up was under way, with Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard, and Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards calling the shooting justified, without the investigation being complete.

    Fast forward to May 10, 2013.

    The Rochester, NY Police department releases the "Our Badge is Your Shield", 5 minute, 10 second video which starts off with the 911 audio of the June 21, 2012 call for Izzy Andino.

    In the video, an unidentified RPD officer is heard yelling into his radio "Shots fired! Shots fired! Man down!", as a video clip shows the Locust St. and Dewey Ave. street sign.

    What is clearly meant to be a Rochester Police propaganda promotional tool, and as I wrote earlier, another desperate attempt by an incompetent Chief James Sheppard, at trying to gain the respect and trust of the Rochester community, will backfire, just like every other attempt.

    For Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard to approve of a video which includes audio and video clips pertaining to such a disturbing injustice as the execution of a mentally-ill young man, by 7 trigger-happy cops, in a promotional video, in what almost seems to glorify the senseless death of a mentally-ill young man on his 20th birthday, is sick!

    But wait... it gets worse.

    The video was made by Rochester, NY Police officer Eliud Rodriguez, one of the 7 officers who executed Izzy Andino.

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