Rochester, NY Police officer Allows Woman to Pose Behind the Wheel of RPD Cruiser in a Photo...

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    By Davy V.

    In February, I exposed Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera misusing taxpayer dollars by goofing off inside her police cruiser with her best friend who she takes on ride-alongs.

    Rivera seemed more interested in wasting taxpayer dollars by taking photos of her and her friend, the posting them on Instagram, than she is in upholding her oath to "protect and serve.".

    Fast forward less than three months later, an interesting photo has popped up on the Internet of a tattooed woman sitting in the driver's seat of a Rochester Police cruiser, with the caption "Real Gs steal police cars n don't give a (expletive deleted)!"

    In the photo, the woman, Laura Anzalone-Byers, a tattoo artist at Extreme Graphix Tattoo in Rochester, NY, is seen giving the camera the middle finger.

    The photo is yet another example of Rochester, NY Police officers misusing taxpayer resources by engaging in inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, in this case the person who sent me the photo, said that the woman's "cop best friend was hanging out wasting tax payer money on the job letting friends pose in his car."

    Like I always say, there you have it Rochester, NY, your hard earned, taxpayer dollars at work.

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