Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Phillips Files Charges Against Disabled Woman after She...

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    By Davy V.

    Two days after a disabled woman met with the Internal Affairs department of the Rochester, NY Police department to file a formal complaint against an officer who she says threatened to kill her, she was arrested.

    On Saturday September 14, 2013, Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Phillips went to Laurie Ramos' home after a woman who was babysitting Ramos' grandchildren got into an argument with the 48-year old disabled woman.

    Ramos, who suffers from fibromyalgia, as well as a herniated disc, and back problems, can't stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, and takes medication which often causes her to go to sleep, says she tried explaining to RPD officer Brian Phillips, that as a result of her condition, she would not be able to watch her grandchildren, and that because of her condition, her doctor has told her not to watch children.

    That's when Ramos says that officer Phillips lost it.

    "He was yelling at me that I had to watch the kids," says Ramos.
    Photos show marks
    on Laurie Ramos' wrists
    from tightly placed handcuffs.
    "The officer kept yelling at me saying that I had no choice, that I had to watch them."

    Ramos said officer Phillips then told her "I have no time to deal with people like you."

    "I kept trying to tell him that I am not supposed to be watching any children, but he didn't care," said Ramos, adding, "Then he gets right in my face and tells me right in front of the children, 'You're pissing me off, you piece of (expletive deleted), I can kill you and get away with it, because I'm a cop and they'll just cover it up.'

    "He then told me to get in the house, and then he closed my door," said Ramos.

    Ramos says that after she called 911, to ask for a supervisor, she officer Phillips sitting in his car talking on the phone, across the street from her house.

    "I could hear him and he was talking to someone," said Ramos, he said, "Yeah I told her she pissed me off and I told her she's a piece of (expletive deleted)."

    On Wednesday, Laurie Ramos went to meet with members of the Rochester Police department's Internal Affairs division.

    In the meeting, which lasted about an hour, Ramos was asked about the incident.

    Internal Affairs officers told Ramos they would be video, and audio recording the meeting.

    They also told Ramos that the investigation would take between 3-5 months and that she would received a letter in the mail every month informing her of the investigation,

    Well, on Friday afternoon, Ramos received a letter from the Rochester, NY Police department with the word "WARRANT" stamped on the envelope.

    In the letter, Ramos was ordered to turn herself in to RPD.

    Ramos went to the Public Safety Building in downtown Rochester, where a Rochester, NY Police officer informed her that RPD officer Brian Phillips, the same officer who threatened to kill her, had filed harassment charges against her.

    Ramos was asked if she had $300 to post for bail.

    When she told the officer she did not, she was ordered to place her hands behind her back, and handcuffed.

    Ramos says she complained to officers that the handcuffs were on too tight, and asked them several times to please loosen them, but they refused.

    After about an hour, Ramos' handcuffs were finally taken off, and she was released when her son arrived and laid the bail.

    She was given an appearance ticket to appear in Rochester City Court.

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