Rochester, NY Police officers Illegally Park Cruisers to Eat Lunch at Harry G's New York Deli!

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    By Davy V.
    Rochester, NY Police cruisers W-85 and W-96 illegally parked,
    with cruiser in front blocking RTS bus stop.
    Photo by Davy V.​

    Imagine you are on your lunch break, and are desperately looking for a parking spot, so you can grab a bite before heading back to work, but there are no parking spaces available.

    At least no place to legally park your vehicle.

    Well, if you're a Rochester, NY Police officer, then you don't have to worry about that, because you can park anywhere!

    It's one of the many unspoken of benefits that come with being a Rochester Police officer.
    Rochester, NY Police officer
    refills his soda at Harry G's.
    Photo by Davy V.​

    Case in point.

    On Tuesday afternoon, around 1:00 p.m., the three Rochester, NY Police officers seen in the photo on the right, decided they wanted to eat at Harry G's New York Deli, located at 678 South Ave., in Rochester's South Wedge neighborhood.

    And where did they park?

    In a "NO STANDING" zone near the intersection of South Ave. and Gregory St.

    As can be seen in the photos, the officers parked their RPD cruisers, W-85, and W-96 in a clearly posted "NO STANDING" zone.
    Rochester, NY Police officers leaving Harry G's,
    after their sit down lunch, and after parking their cruisers illegally.
    Photo by Davy V.​

    In fact, one of the RPD cruisers, W-96, was not only parked illegally, but was also partially blocking an RTS city bus stop.

    Another example of Rochester, NY Police officers misusing their authority, and proving they are 'above the law', by not only blatantly disregarding parking signs, but going as far as potentially putting innocent citizens' safety and lives at risk, who ride the bus, including handicapped individuals.

    And all to grab lunch.

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