Rochester, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work; RPD officers Travel Outside their Jurisdiction to Eat...

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    Three Rochester, NY Police cruisers
    parked in front of Hibachi Sushi Buffet restaurant.
    By Davy V.

    A Rochester, NY taxpayer who follows my work, thought it was a bit strange that not one, not two, but three Rochester, NY Police cruisers were parked in South Towne Plaza, a shopping strip mall in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

    As you can see in the photo on the right, taken by the concerned citizen, three Rochester
    Police K-9 cruisers are seen parked in front of Hibachi Sushi Buffet.
    Hibachi Sushi Buffet in Henrietta, NY.

    And that's exactly where they were.

    Eating inside.

    An employee at the Asian restaurant did confirm that at least three Rochester Police officers did eat at the establishment.

    The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said that when she came into work, shortly after 11:00 am, the RPD officers were already there, and that they left shortly after 1:00 pm.

    While some will say what's the big deal, they were just eating lunch, I beg to differ.

    This latest incident is one of many in which City of Rochester officials, including RPD officers have been spotted outside city limits, wasting taxpayer dollars, while engaged in activities clearly not work related.

    And when you consider that it's the taxpayers who are footing the bill, including gas for three RPD cruisers, it's actually disgusting.

    So there you have it Rochester, NY, your taxpayer dollars at work.

    It is not clear if there were any K-9 dogs inside cruisers.
    After leaving several messages for an RPD supervisor to contact me regarding this incident, my calls were never returned.
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