Rochester NY woman arrested for videotaping traffic stop

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    A Rochester, NY, woman was arrested on May 12 for filming a traffic stop from the sidewalk in front of her house and charged with "obstruction of government administration". The arresting officer had demanded that she go back into her house, which she refused to do. She handed the camera to a friend for safekeeping, who continued to film the incident. The case eventually attracted media attention after the video went viral:

    WHAM ABC 13: Rochester Woman Arrested After Shooting Video Of Traffic Stop

    WHEC NBC 10: I Team 10 Investigation: Rochester woman arrested while videotaping police officers during traffic stop

    Democrat & Chronicle: Arrest of woman taping police sparks controversy

    Pixiq: Rochester Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them From Her Front Yard
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    Very interesting...Emily Good, the woman arrested for videotaping was arrested in March for protesting police activities involving the foreclosure of a neighbors house. While I think there was clearly an overreaction from the arresting officer, Ms Good was viewed as a troublemaker probably as a result of the March incident. I don't see what laws were broken and I doubt the charges will stick but heaven help us if they do.

    Feeling more and more like a jack-booted police state than the US.
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    The charges against Emily Good have been dropped.

    National Press Photographers' Association: Charges against Rochester woman who videotaped police dismissed

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    Now let's hope she sues them.

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