Rockland County Times: Let’s Say ‘So Long’ to the TSA

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    Rockland County Times: Let’s Say ‘So Long’ to the TSA

    A recent Gallup poll has just concluded that 54 percent of Americans think the Transportation Security Administration is doing an “excellent” or “good” job at our airports.

    I don’t. I think the TSA is engaged in a nationwide effort to cavalierly and routinely strip travelers of their dignity. I think in some instances the system is decidedly un-American.

    “Remove your shoes! Take off your jackets! Make sure your computers are out and in a separate bin,” they shout out in a dreary monotone indicating their own boredom with the security system.

    Empty your pockets. Take off your belt. Maybe it’s your necklace that’s making the infernal machine belch out its warning. Go back, and come through the contraption again. React with a heavy sigh or sagging shoulders, and you’re directed to a separate area to wait for the dreaded personal wanding session. At this point in the process, does the TSA really think a bona fide terrorist would wait patiently for the personal search?

    This country was founded on the idea that there would be no such invasions of privacy.

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    This is a repeat of a syndicated columnist's article that we saw earlier.


    ETA: I read this a few days ago as a result of a link sent to me by a friend.
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    "Personal wanding?" The author apparently hasn't flown in the last couple of years. More like "too-personal groping."
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    Yeah, if ONLY IT WAS wanding and WTMD like ye olden days.

    Maybe I would be at Hobby today instead of rolling through Mississippi at 79 MPH...

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