Rubber Rooms

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  1. Mike

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    The NYC Education Department operates a network of 13 "Rubber Rooms" where > 600 teachers accused of misconduct are paid to do nothing. I trust this city is in sound fiscal condition?

    There's even a documentary film: Rubber Room Movie

    It must be cool that all the kinky teachers end up in rubber rooms! :D
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  2. Mike

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    From 2008 ...

    NY Daily News: Teachers in trouble spending years in 'rubber room' limbo that costs $65M

  3. Lisa Simeone

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  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Update on rubber rooms, the 2011 edition ...

    Gotham Schools (15 Dec 2011): In report about sex abuse, a clue to the post-rubber room world

  5. Doober

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  6. Mike

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    Nopers, look at the latest post before yours. We are now in a "post-rubber room world". Isn't that exciting?

    Now the miscreants just sent somewhere to work for the day, or simply told to stay home (at taxpayer expense, of course).

    If you have work for a perverted teacher, give the NYC school board a call & maybe they will send you one for a day or a week. :)

    Maybe TSA could use them as temps? :D
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  7. Mike

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    Despite getting rid of the rubber-rooms, they still have a few permanent hangers-on that they can't get rid of ...

    The Daily Caller (29 Jan 2012): Disgraced millionaire typing teacher collects $100k a year from NYC

    How do I get in on one of these deals?

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