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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Nov 7, 2011.

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    OHMYGOD! They pulled this kid's PANTS down! This is so wrong on so many levels. Is there any more information about this video? Do we know the age of the boy? It says on Youtube he's a teenager - if he's a minor, and that was MY son whose pants were just pulled down, I would be freaking out and demanding arrest! And why did the groper stop the moment he pulled the kid's pants down, revealing his underwear to the public? What was up with that?

    This needs to get a wider distribution. SICK SICK SICK!
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    As usual, TSA bullying around a kid, then blames the person documenting it, tells them quite illegally they can't film. Meanwhile the sheep walk by. BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! (Okay, I added one BAA! for effect.).
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  4. Yeah, and he didn't even care that he pulled down the kid's pants, and that the kid looked pretty freaked out by the whole experience. Is it me, or is there a racial overtone in this video? I'm reminded of young black men being stopped by cops and roughed up for no reason. I know the TSA is an equal opportunity harassment agency and that's not necessarily what's going on here, but the look on the kid's face makes me think of the helplessness you see in racially motivated searches and detentions. Though, this could be a search for drugs, which could indeed be racially motivated.

    That screener also has the look of one we might expect to see in a mug shot at a later date, IMO. And what's with the slicked back ponytails in these recent videos? I thought they were supposed to keep their hair short? At least, that's what Bill Forster relayed. I wish I had could find the link but I'm sleep deprived today on account of a feral toddler screaming at me all night. Even female screeners are supposed to have short hair, and it's advised that they cut it all off, lest a terrorist yank on their ponytail to incapacitate them, or some such. Seriously, if I get a second wind I'll dig up the link.

    Okay, it strikes me that I'm really giddy from lack of sleep here. I'll stop posting now.
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    it wasn't an accident. and the groper got youtubed for it. too late dude, you been caught...
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    Has there ever been a single instance of a screener telling someone that recording is allowed? Or of someone recording conspicuously who was not harassed with claims that it's illegal?

    This is so universal -- or so nearly universal -- that it has to be coming down from upper management despite what they have correctly placed on their web site.
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    It's either the official TSA policy to claim it's legal but harass the photographer/videographer anyway, or the entire workforce of the TSA is eminently untrainable morons.

    The two cases are not mutually exclusive, though.
  8. nachtnebel

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    I think it is clearly a deliberate policy since that is how TSA operates. Totally on bluffing and intimidation. They can claim it is TSA policy to allow it, but the numbers of clerks pulling this trick show that the policy is not enforced in the slightest because the TSA has that policy really only at gunpoint. They'd rather not have it.
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    But if they want to continue claiming that TSA policy does not exclude photography/videography at the checkpoint while their blue-shirted thugs continue to lie to the public about that policy, it simply exposes the TSA for what they are - a collective of thugs, thieves, and perverts hired specifically to intimidate the American (and traveling foreign) public into COMPLIANCE, COMPLIANCE, COMPLIANCE.

    "Security" is not their primary goal, as shown clearly by their actions.
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    Didn't Phil M. stream live video last year around this time from a checkpoint?
  11. FriendlySkies

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    Another day, another dumbass screener lying to the public about filming at the checkpoint... :rolleyes:
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    Of course I can't find it now but one of the documents I found in the links posted by another tso emphasized that photography is very suspect and indicative of terrorist activity. I am certain that smurfs are taught this during their extensive training period.
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    We've had this discussion of photography elsewhere, and I thought we discovered that it's the individual airports that make the decision. At some airports (BWI, for example), it's posted that you aren't allowed to film at the checkpoints. Of course, this does nothing to negate the fact that TSA clerks still try to intimidate and harass people who are filming legally at airports where you are allowed to film.

    In any case, what also pisses me off about this video, in addition to the usual abuse we've all come to know and love, is the fact that they keep him standing there, and standing, and standing, waiting. Why? Because they can. We've seen countless examples of this.
  14. RB

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    If a person works for TSA I think "dumbass" is a given.
  15. Caradoc

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    ...because actual terrorists would NEVER use hidden cameras, like pen video, to perform their surveillance prior to attempting to pass through the checkpoint...

    More mission creep. If it's the airport's rule, then the TSA has no business trying to enforce a rule that only exists *OUTSIDE* their checkpoint. The published TSA policy states clearly that photography/videography is NOT forbidden. If the TSA wants to call in the airport staff to point out someone violating the airport policy, so be it - but the regular intimidation of the traveling public by federal employees has to be stopped. Immediately.
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  16. RB

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    I think the photography issue demonstrates the total incompetence of TSA management to formulate and implement policy.

    Either that or TSA as a whole is a sack full of liars.

    One does not exclude the other.
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    This makes me think that instead of another National Opt Out Day, we need a National Record TSA Day. Imagine thousands of pax at hundreds of checkpoints all showing TSA that We The People are watching them. I'd walk up with a pen camera in my pocket, camera glasses on my face, cell phone in one hand and DVCam in the other. Maybe some goofy-looking flexible-arm camera on my head like a big antenna, just for effect.
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    I hope that someday we achieve this. But I'm not holding my breath. Still too many sheeple.
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    Well i have one DLSR set up for HD Video, with the basics, viewfinder, offboard mic. By next spring I will have a second that will be decked out with all the options(Monitor, on/offboard mic (inc lav), lights, data recorder,etc including shoulder and tripod mount.

    Will travel to shame TSA, although right now might need help with the travel arrangements as ill christmas im broke thanks to this wonderful economy thanks to obummer.
  20. Caradoc

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    Add one of these shirts and you'll be all set.

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