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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Nov 7, 2011.

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    I dont have that shirt but i do have one similar to it, and a button on my backback. In reality if you see a camera set up like i have it shouldnt be a surprise that your being recored, but there are pesky wiretapping laws. God Bless Texas and single party laws!
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    UA FAs as well :rolleyes::

  3. Fisher1949

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    I'm pretty sure that is no longer true, those signs reportedly were removed earlier this year. MdTA got nailed for a second time for harassing a photographer at train platform which triggered their removal. It never was illegal but a broadened interpretation of the airport ban on "commercial" filming without written approval.,0,6046710.story

    The upshot of the verdict was that the signs came down shortly thereafter. Since MdTA currently acts as LE at BWI it is only a matter of time before someone deliberately films the checkpoints (likely Southwests A & B gates because of the clear shot) and gets thrown out of the airport by MdTA. Ideally they'll have a partner discretely recording the incident and engage the same law firm who handled this case and the other one two years before.

    The Judge was incensed that they were back in court for the same offense so soon and made it clear that there better not be a third. Given the precdent and TSA stupidity there is probably a tidy sum waiting for the person with the fortitude and time to pull this off.

    BTW, the BWI airport manager is also on record as having said that there is no ban on photography or filming in the airport. (I can't find that link right now but have it in the archive.)
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    Wow, amazing website. The stuff is all too complicated for me (or I'm too lazy), but I love that people are out there doing this stuff.
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    Ah, really? Okay, glad to hear it. Not that I'm flying, but glad to know that people who are might be able to get away with filming these criminals.
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    This was a flight attendant objecting?? The (expletive deleted) with her. By the way, Ms. Flight Attendant, it's "encroaching," not "encrouching." Sorry, but when people like this get on their high horse, out of paranoia and ignorance no less, everything's fair game.
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    The airlines are complicit in this. No surprise that the FAs are following their lead.
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    I would have told that UA FA to just get to her plane, and provide the 3rd rate service their airline is known for! Too many FAs now think they are security officers, and many have no idea of what customer service is!
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    I wonder what would have happened if the kid had been commando?
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    Well, they are safety & security officers for the 1% of the time that it matters -- when there's an in-flight medical or security issue. The other 99% of the time their job is to serve us drinks make & make us comfy.

    UA really made an effort to improve their customer service 2-3 years ago. I started noticing quite a difference compared to the old UA on a trip to Geneva in late 2009 & a couple runs to Oz in 2010. Unfortunately we felt we had to quit flying due to TSA abuse.
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    I believe that was NOO and at SeaTac I think, he had about 3 hours of footage? But that was all out in the public area in front of the checkpoint - at least that I saw anyway.

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