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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RMulligan, May 31, 2012.

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    Yesterday, went on business trip flying from SMF to Ontario AP
    SMF- Opted out and asked that my sensitive area not be touched- TSA was uncomfortable with me using the word "vagina" but they stayed away from it. Wait time 20 minutes to get through security.

    Ontario AP- Opted Out. TSA agent with the "why u putting me out attitude" states twice for me to ID my bins. Not being able to see over the people putting their cloths back on in front of the conveyor table I walk behind them until I get to an opening between bodies. Boy that pissed her off the agent. I was yelled at to not take another step and get back to her. I ID'd my bins and went back to her. She said, "stay" just like a master to a dog. I obeyed. Then upon being ordered followed her to a mat. But I placed my feet on the yellow feet on the mat, Wrong. Now she is really mad because I failed to know that my feet are not supposed to be on the yellow feet but on each side of the yellow feet -go figure. The TSA agent then goes through her speech and asks about my sensitive areas which I ask, Are you going to touch my private area. She takes off her gloves asks for a supervisor and says she wants nothing to do with me because I asked a question. She flatly refused to pat me down. The supervisor takes over, advises she will not touch my crotch. The pat down went fine and I was able to fly home. Good luck flyers...its a mess at the AP
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    Great work! if you have to travel by air, asking those questions is very courageous and does a great service to other passengers by letting TSA people know we don't want them in our private areas. And it helps the TSA clerks as well, by pointing out exactly what they are doing.
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    Good advice for anyone traveling by plane. Ask questions each and every time you are either chosen for the scanner or opt out for the pat down. Let the TSA know you aren't intimidated by them or their methods and hold them accountable for what they are doing.
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    Very sorry to hear this about Canada. Not surprised, I guess, since they seem to be adopting all the worst practices of the U.S., but sorry nonetheless. I had been thinking, as I've just returned by train from Montreal, that maybe I could fly to Europe out of Canada. But looks like they're just as abusive up there as down here. Oh, well. It was a nice dream while it lasted.
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    Ontario is also a suburb of LA with it's own airport (ONT). Ontario is a Canadian province, so if we're talking about airports in Ontario (Canada), then we are likely discussing Toronto (YYZ).

    It appears that WN offers approximately 8 daily flights midweek SMF-ONT.

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