Lawsuit Sai v DHS et al - Lawsuit for refusal to respond to Rehabilitation Act complaints

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    Complaint | Sworn affidavit | More info (soon)

    It's been 21 months since the TSA received my complaints about what happened to me at BOS & SFO. The law requires that they respond within 6 months.

    They've stonewalled me for over a year past their legally mandated response time, refused my offers to settle out of court, ignored my reminders to respond in a timely manner, and stonewalled me for a year even in court when I filed a Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act lawsuit.

    So… I've been forced to file a lawsuit under the Rehabilitation Act, Bivens, etc., against the DHS, TSA, and specific individuals involved / responsible. It's just been filed.

    I'll update with information about the case shortly.

    I'll be posting the video of the events at BOS, with further explanation, in the near future. It's fairly outrageous, and fully substantiates the allegations I made. Actually, it clearly shows that the actual events were worse than I described.

    FWIW: the costs of filing this — ~$500 — are pretty hard on me financially. If you can help, donations would be much appreciated: PayPal; Bitcoin. Any in any case, please share.

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