Video Saizai's SFO Incident - Compressed Version

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    This is pretty long, even after being trimmed. Sai's story was covered here earlier, but now there is video of the SFO incident. While the screeners look like TSA we know they are private and this is evident by the arm patch. So much for private screeners being any better when the policies are this screwed up.

    This may be an opportunity for someone to test suing private screening firms. This and a similar incident in BOS are found at
    Problems with the TSA
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    Boing Boing has picked up the story ...

    Boing Boing: TSA routinely violates own rules and the law to discriminate against people w/disabilities

    Sai has "a neurological disorder that causes episodic muteness and muscle spasms" -- basically, he sometimes becomes mute and gets bad tremors. His doctor has advised him to sip juice continuously, and this helps control his condition. TSA rules allow him to bring any amount of juice through a checkpoint. Unfortunately, the TSA doesn't read its own rules. Instead, Sai is detained at checkpoints for endless, illegal questioning and searches of his personal papers, confidential business documents, etc. When he loses the ability to speak, he uses pen and paper to communicate, but the TSA takes the pen and paper away as soon as he writes down the name of landmark legal precedents limiting their power to sue him.

    He's videoed one of these encounters, with the TSA and its private contractors at SFO, and he's filed grievances with various agencies over that incident and another at Boston Logan. The TSA is illegally refusing to follow its own administrative procedures, so he's getting ready to sue them (he needs an ADA and/or FOIA-specialized lawyer qualified for the bar in MA and/or CA and/or federally -- any takers?). He's also trying to force them to disclose their secret procedures for dealing with people with disabilities.

    The edited, subtitled video of his run-in at SFO is fantastically infuriating. The TSA and its private contractors are vindictive, lawless, brutal ....
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    Wonder if the guy will find someone to represent him?
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    Oh, man, I almost feel sorry for TSA. Almost.
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    'Wonder how Blogdad Bob is going to spin this one, if at all? Unlike the Marine, there is plenty of video evidence.
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  8. I still marvel at Sai's composure and his ability to plot out the entire violation of his rights so clearly, even while he's having muscle spasms.

    Also, boy was that Dave guy seedy! I'd like to see his resume. I wonder if it has anything in the special skills section about breaking kneecaps.
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    Lie as usual. Skunks can't change its stripe.
  11. TSA News Blog

    TSA News Blog News Feed

    In February, we wrote about a young man named Sai who was bullied, harassed, and unlawfully detained by the TSA at Boston Logan Airport. Well, Sai is back.
    And the TSA is still harassing him.
    This time, Sai has made a video of his latest encounter with the TSA. The aggregation site BoingBoing has picked it up, which is great, because it means the story will get a lot of play. BoingBoing has millions of readers. Take a look.

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