Salon: How the rich took over airport security

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    As TSA continues to go down the sewer and as FF elites get not only priority screening but with Precheck less intrusive screening, more & more folks are going to be noticing ...

    Salon: How the rich took over airport security: Security checks were one of America's most democratic places -- until rich passengers got their own speedy lines

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    From the comments:

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    I thought this was great. Exactly the same sentiment that many of us have been expressing since it was first announced.
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    And if security is privatized, this kind of system will only expand.
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    Well, I've always been a registered member of Salon, but looks like Elite Status is everywhere, including there. Irony, considering this article. On the other hand, I understand that they're trying to make a living. If I could afford to join, I would. But those days are gone.
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    Lisa, do you have a Gmail account? I logged in as a guest commenter using that route:

    I wish the author hadn’t dove into class warfare; he does realize that airline frequent flier programs are not the sole domain of “rich white guys”, doesn’t he? There is no reason that some animals should be more equal than others, but there are other flaws in the TSA’s trusted traveler and other exemption programs that need to be recognized.

    It was omitted that participants need to submit themselves to government interrogation to qualify, and there is no guarantee that they still will not be subjected to random Scope N’ Gropes and other intrusions. Of course, the next time an idiot terrorist goes BOO and tries to light his underpants on fire, these programs go right out the window.

    Airline employees can bypass screening altogether, and this has resulted into firearms being brought onboard aircraft. The ever-expanding list of “trusted” passengers that are not subjected to the TSA’s body imagers and gropes, ironically, are directed into screening methods that are actually effective, such as metal detectors and Explosive Trace Detection. The “untrusted” passengers are subject to the theatre of the TSA’s body imagers, which do not detect explosives, see into body cavities or under folds of flesh, and the Government Accountability Office has stated there is no conclusive evidence the devices would have stopped the underpants bomber. Jon Corbett proved just how easy it is to defeat the imagers just two weeks ago on his blog.

    Everyone should be subjected to the same common-sense screening. X-ray of belongings, walk through / hand held metal detector, Explosive Trace Detection / Explosive Trace Portal. Nothing more, nothing less.

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