San Francisco: TSA forces BART to keep restrooms closed

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    Station Sanitation: The Commodes Stay Closed at BART, Whether You Like It or Not

    The option of curtailing decades of olfactory torture by reopening the restrooms barricaded after 9/11 was not offered.

    In fact, keeping the restrooms shut at subterranean stations — and, thereby, rendering the entire station a restroom — is a requirement placed upon BART by the Transportation Security Administration, says agency spokeswoman Alicia Trost.

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    Hold It Right There

    When BART posted an online poll earlier this month asking for passengers' input on Powell Street Station improvements, reopening the restrooms—the one upgrade that passengers may desire most—was not an option. Although the shuttered stalls may not exactly prevent the occasional urine scent, BART is required to keep them closed by the Transportation Security Administration, which apparently has jurisdiction over liquids in all forms.

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