Santa Maria Times: Losing our civil rights at airport

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    Santa Maria Times: Losing our civil rights at airport

    If the Transportation Security Administration continues on its current path, airlines won’t have enough passengers to make flying worthwhile.

    The TSA’s threat to the airline industry was exposed when whistleblowers at Logan International Airport in Boston revealed the agency’s “behavioral detection” program to be a thinly disguised system of racial profiling.

    If the airlines won't force TSA to treat their passengers decently, they don't deserve the business.

    My wife & I have not flown since December, 2010. Between the two of us, that's approximately 250,000 butt-in-seat miles not flown each year (about 35-35 round trips total for each of us). As airlines cut back their schedules to compensate for their lost business, we will gladly take personal credit for at least 2 flights not flown each year.
  2. An interesting point in this article:

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    what a fantastic article. and from the mainstream too.

    a quote from the story, referring to the profiling of hispanics with jewelry....


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