Saudi Man Arrested at New York Airport With Bag Full of Weapons

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Sep 25, 2011.

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    In TSA's case, euthanasia is our only hope.
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    Stun guns are apparently illegal for private citizens to possess in New York, probably because New York (among other states) fears citizens capable of defending themselves.

    The TSA cares because it gives them a news article saying, "WE FOUND SOMETHING ILLEGAL!" to try and offset the simple fact that they've never actually found a "terrorist device."

    They've found a lot of pocketknives, cake servers, and leather bookmarks, which they trumpet to the heavens as "dangerous" or "prohibited" notwithstanding the fact that no passenger or flight crew member is going to say, "Wow, you've got a pocketknife. I guess we're going to fly wherever you want..."
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    The shuriken hysteria gripping the nation's flakier states is another national embarrassment. Have you ever trained with them? They require a ridiculously high level of skill.

    Pulease! Peanut butter is a scarier weapon.

    PS: If you can use a shuriken effectively, you don't need weapons to be dangerous. You are a weapon - period - full stop. If the DHS starts to catalog martial artists and starts harassing people with such training, things are going to get even daffier. Personally, I think martial artists should stop talking about their training and hope most people forget they've got any skills in that department. The DHS is just crazy enough to put such people on a list, and the TSA is histrionic enough to make a big deal over it.
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    Every time the TSA squawks to the high heavens over their latest "triumph," I remember how many deficit dollars they're squandering and how deleterious they are to our Constitutional rights.

    The TSA makes me ill with revulsion and grief. We must get this nation back on track.

    PS: "Triumph!" I feel like we're crowing over the first BM of a newborn child. The TSA's "triumphs" are a national embarrassment.
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    Agreed on the shuriken hysteria. Agreed if someone is capable of using one, the other skills they possess are more of a threat than the actual item. I could stick one in a wall at about 20 feet or so (I went through the chopsocky phase when I was like 13-14), more often than not, but was more likely to poke or cut my own finger with it.

    I can't see DHS registering people that have taken martial arts for an extended period of time though, that would include most (if not all) of your military members (past and especially these kids nowadays - most of em get MMA training in Boot), LEOs and professional security groups. Almost all self defense methods have some roots in martial arts, there is just no way to catalog all of that and keep up with it, not to mention the fact that it would be:

    1) Wrong to consider in the first place
    2) Stupid, someone having training in something does not mean they are a threat in real time
    3) The logistics would be impossible, and there would always be folks that were missed.
    ...Come on, we could make a list a mile long here.
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    Well, ya know, euthanasia is actually a humanitarian act of kindness...just sayin'! :D
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    Everyone has the right to be stupid, sadly, many people abuse that right - when those folk gather together, it is called government.
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