Saudi man busted with a pressure cooker at DTW

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  1. Mike

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    Apparently brown folks need a good consistent tale to enter the U.S. with a pressure cooker. Heaven fordbid that they should have to buy one at WalMart after arrival. :eek:

    Global Post: Saudi man with pressure cooker arrested at Detroit airport

    What object is technically legal to bring on an airplane but most likely to get you thrown in jail? In the wake of the tragic Boston bombings, pressure cooker now seems to be the most likely answer.

    Hussain Al Khawahir, a tourist visiting from Saudi Arabia, was arrested at Detroit Metro Airport after officials found that he was missing a page from his passport and was carrying a pressure cooker in his luggage. In the criminal complaint, viewed by the Detroit Free Press and other agencies, officials allege that Al Khawahir changed his story about the pressure cooker.

    Police say that he first claimed that he was bringing the pressure cooker from Saudi Arabia as a gift for his nephew in Ohio, because pressure cookers are not sold in the United States.

    He then admitted that pressure cookers are in fact sold in the United States, but complained that they are cheaply made, US officials allege.

    At his court appearance today, however, federal officials didn't make it clear whether or not they think the suspect was actually planning an attack.

    Article in the Detroit Free Press (link bolded above) gives better coverage of the story.
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    ETA: Guess I should read the entire article. However, is it a crime to carry such a thing in your luggage or is it only a crime if one is from the Middle East?
  3. Mike

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    Cooking while brown, something's gotta be done ... :rolleyes:

    Our country has simply gone nuts.
  4. Frank

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    Welcome to the Paranoid State of America. :td: Want to bet he tried to clarify his statement (since English is likely not his first language) and because he's from Jihadland our fascist border thugs chose to see that as "changing his story" so they'd have the excuse to PATRIOT ACT his (expletive deleted).

    This country has jumped the shark. Again.
  5. So basically, this guy did nothing wrong, but he's in trouble anyway.

    The part about U.S. pressure cookers being poorly made is odd. We have one and it seems ironclad to me, but really, what do I know. And it is probably made somewhere like China (it's way out in the shed or I'd check). But still, I think it would be much much easier to acquire a pressure cooker in the states than to haul one all the way from the Middle East. They weigh a ton, and I suspect they're still on the shelf at Ace Hardware where we got ours. People still gotta cook and all.
  6. Mike

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    'cept brown folks. Just ask the feds.
  7. Frank

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    :rolleyes: Yes, I'm sure Homeland Insecurity would have acted reasonably when a Saudi national walked into Ace Hardware and bought a pressure cooker... :rolleyes:

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