Scanners now primary screening technique

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Ancient Mariner, Mar 30, 2012.

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    My latest (of many) complaints to the TSA:

    "It was hard not to notice the brand new naked body scanners at the screening point this afternoon, but what was really galling is that there was absolutely no way to avoid them except to be subjected to a humiliating public frisking. I will NEVER EVER allow you to use one of these machines on me, and I resent the illegal search of my person by your employees. They have NO reason to suspect me of criminal behavior, and I am simply tired of being treated like a criminal every time I have to fly.

    "GET RID OF THE NAKED BODY SCANNERS. Stop treating the traveling public like criminals. I will be contacting my congressman and senator once again, asking that they withhold all funding from your agency until you stop trashing the fourth amendment to the Constitution."

    Neither my congressman nor either of my senators has seen fit to answer my messages, so here I am at Travel Underground. By the way, if anyone would like to sign my petition at, you can find it here:

    --Ancient Mariner
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    Go to their local offices. You will at least be able to meet with a staff member face to face. Get your concerns heard and be sure to mention that your electeds seem little interested in things important to you. Be sure to let them know you are ready, willing, and able to vote for representatives that share your concerns.
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