Schools Have Rules: Karma Edition

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Frank, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Guess the preachers in Florida better sit up and take note. They might be risking arrest if they say 'God will punish you' to a church member. :td:
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    This kind of case is why we have lawyers. Just sue the cop's @ss off, and the school. You don't have to win. You just have to make it painful and obnoxious to defend. Make it hurt. Make them think twice the next time.
  4. Mike

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    I was going to do some useful work tonight. Now we have another (expletive deleted) of a police chief sheriff to humiliate.
  5. rockon

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    Unfortunately, as long as the taxpayers are on the hook for the court costs and settlements and the cop/school officials aren't personally sanctioned, this is going to continue to happen.
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  6. Frank

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    Yup. This crap will end when we see ex-cops bent over a prison bunk by Bubba. Kidnapping under color should do.
  7. Mike

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    Looks like Allie Scott is getting plenty of local coverage. On the internet so far are two major TV stations & one paper:

    1. Teen suspended for posting "Karma" - 3 days ago
      The 16-year old, Allie Scott is a junior at Osceola High School in Largo. Last month, she parked her brother's car in another person's parking spot, ...

      MyFox Tampa Bay

    2. Teen suspended for posting "Karma" - 3 days ago
      The 16-year old, Allie Scott is a junior at Osceola High School in Largo. Last month, she parked her brother's car in another person's parking spot, ...

      MyFox Tampa Bay

    3. Girl who faces stalking charge after Facebook post says deputy ... - 4 days ago
      ... one girl parked in the other girl's spot at Osceola Fundamental High School. ... Allie's mother, Paula Scott of St. Petersburg, said her daughter posted ...

      MyFox Tampa Bay

    4. 'Karma' Facebook post leads to criminal charges

      MyFox Tampa Bay - 4 days ago
      Allie Scott is a junior at Osceola High School. The 16 year old says it all started in the school parking lot last month when she parked her brother's car ...

      MyFox Tampa Bay
  8. Mike

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    What I don't understand is how these asinine school administrators get away with interjecting themvelves into students private lives after hours. So Allie Scott goes home & makes Facebook posts. When she's not in school, her behavior (and her discipline) are matters for her parents.

    The only difference between this & the guy whose camera was turned on is the degree of un-invited intrusion by school personnel who should be minding their own beeswax. An attendee of a public school has the same rights (including speech & privacy) as anyone else under the Constitution, and it cannot be abridged by any government apparatchik, including snoopy school administrators.

    A private school would be a different matter. There you are a bound by your contractual agreement with the school. A public school is an agency of government, and government cannot require that your relinquish your rights.
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  9. Mike

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    Here's my suggestion: We register our disenchantement with all the key bozos by sending them emails. For the content of the emails, I would simply suggest something that discusses Karma, e.g. this piece from

    Universal law of cause and effect, which according to the Buddhist view takes effect in the following way: "The deed (karma) produceds a fruit under certain circumstances; when it is ripe, then it falls upon the one responsible. For a deed to produce its fruit, it must be morally good or bad and be conditioned by a volitional impulse, which in that it leaves a trace in the psyche of the doer, leads his destiny in the direction determined by the effect of the deed.​

    The effect of an action, which can be of the nature of body, speech or mind is not primarily determined by the act itself but rather particularly by the intention of the action. It is the intention of actions that cause a karmic effect to arise.[...] Only a deed that is free from desire, hate and delusion is without karmic effect.​

    Just make the subject line "Karma".

    I will compile a list of email addresses (school, sheriff, prosecutor) below.

    These are the principal, assistant principals and deans at Osceola high school:

    Pinellas County School Board: (bounces, will fix later Tuesday)​

    Pinellas County Sheriff's office (I quit after 20 pages of Google hits -- please PM me with any bounces & I will remove them from the list):

    Prosecutor's office (still searching)

    Pinellas Board of County Commissioners:

    Feel free to link or clone this list link everywhere! :D
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    Mike, how many emails you want sent? 10/100/1000... 100,000? once that list is done its just a few clicks away
  11. Mike

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    Let 'er rip!

    100,000 is a good start. :)

    As many as you reasonably can, but limit to one per sender per recipient. The point is to make a point, not to harass the recipients.

    1 email each from 50 people makes a point. 50 emails from one person is just harassment.
  12. TravelnMedic

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    Its the server that has to chew them, I just have low friends in high places that know how to "get the word out".
  13. Mike

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    I prefer the personal touch (one recipient per email), but for those of you who are less patient, here are the email addresses in a "bulkier" format:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,EHORWITZ@PCSONET.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. Doober

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    Good heavens, my son's high school learned 26 years ago, +/-, that you can't discipline students for off-campus activities. 2 or 3 boys got into a fight at a local convenience store, the school suspended them but the court over turned the school's action. IIRC, the fight was after school was dismissed for the day but the school's position was that the students were under its umbrella until they got home.
  15. RB

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    When did high schools start having reserved student parking spaces?
  16. Mike

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    At least some people came to their senses -- Allie Scott's suspension & charges were dropped ...

    Tampa Bay Times (6 Jan 2012): Pinellas student cleared of cyber bullying

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    Let's hope that the school resource officer's karma is in the crapper now :)

    No threat intended!

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