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    I have a young friend that was strip searched two years ago by the TSA. She is a heavy girl (probably 60 pounds overweight), and was pleading and crying to be left alone, and they ignored her pleas and made her strip down to her undies (in a private room). She hasn't flown since. Really did a number on her. It's very, very sad.

    People claim that this is NOT sexual molestation - and they are WRONG. If you saw my friend's mental state when she talks about this, you'd see how damaging this is.

    Me personally, I am losing hope in this government. I have written letters to senators and congress, and what comes back is a form letter, explaining how the congress critters are always keeping American safety a priority.

    They don't even read these letters - just send out a mindless response.

    It's enough to make an American patriot lose all hope.
  2. Mike

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    Same with my wife, although she was groped out in the open rather than stripped in a "private" room. The look on her face told me our flying days were over. Her apparent "crime" was wearing a long skirt, even she did not alarm the metal detector. A 56-year-old American woman with no criminal record should not be treated that way by any government employee, ever.

    What is the exact date when the FBI's new definition of rape takes effect?
  3. RB

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    I know it's not much but it seems to me that the public is starting to rise up against TSA. I truly believe that the anger and outrage has reached critical mass. Will changes happen overnight? I doubt it but politicians have job one which is staying in office and TSA will be on their radar if they are smart.

    I realize that many things in our government seem out of kilter and I wish I had energy to address them all but for now I will concentrate on this issue.
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    That's basically what I told Menendez when he sent me the same response for the 3rd or 4th time!

    He will receive yet another letter from me today or tomorrow (as well as the other two who "represent" me in Congress) regarding DHS's "admissions" in these cases.
  5. RB

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    Switch to faxes and calls to local offices. You might even get to talk to an office manager.

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