Screening Still a Pain at Airports, Fliers Say

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Congrats on the mention, Mr. Fisher!
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    yes, that is pretty cool. plus the substance of your quote, that the issue hasn't gone away like these folks counted on...
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    Let me add my congratualtions also, Bill, as well as a huge "thank you." From the link, with a bit of my own editing:

    It would seem that perhaps it is finally beginning to sink in to the airlines that they are losing revenue because of the TSA.
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    The airlines are catching on to the obvious. The TSA lies about complaints, withholds complaint forms from their victims and manipulates existing data. Passengers refrain from complaining for fear of retaliation.

    The true indicator of how many people are unhappy about being irradiated, sexually assaulted and stolen from is the level of discretionary travel. Discretionary travel has declined, while discretionary spending in other areas has not.

    The next to catch on will be our lazy legislators. I'm betting they're going to be surprised come re-election time. Their constituents are going to ask them what they've done to reign in the police state, and they won't have a satisfactory answer.
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    That article should bring a lot of new readers to TUG. A pity we can't leave comments there, though. The vagaries of how a newspaper decides which articles get comments and which don't escape me.

    As for legislators reining in the police state, I'm not holding my breath.
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    Honey, those lazy legislators don't have a satisfactory answer for anything any longer! Each and every one of them needs to be gone.

    <steps off soapbox>
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    Yes, the first thing I looked for was a place to make a comment. I've had a good track record over the last couple of days with the Times including my comments about DHS's part in the recent police actions regarding protestors. :)
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    Barbell, if you're there, how much were airline loads down last Thanksgiving, if they were?
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    This is slightly off-topic, but one of the things I do after my flights is fill out the airline's survey. There is typically a section asking about the security experience. I use the text boxes to tell them how TSA has caused me to cut my travel substantially. I don't know if it has an impact, but it makes me feel better!
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    Keep doing that. Well, as much as you keep flying at all, that is - if the airlines have your ticket-purchase history on file and they see diminished revenue to correspond with your complaints about TSA, they'll know that TSA definitely does have an adverse impact on their business. Maybe you're "just one kook," but in this economy nobody's stupid enough to be so arrogant as to assume that one complaint only reflects one person's experience. ESPECIALLY when it comes to lost business.

    As for elections, as I mentioned in another thread, I'm with Doober. Unless Kirk, Durbin and Schakowsky pull major 180s in how they deal with TSA (buck-passing, form letters, and actually DEFENDING the lowlifes, respectively), my voting pattern next year will be very simple.

    The very, very few people I'd be willing to make exceptions for (Cissna, the Pauls, Chaffetz, Ventura) aren't in my district so it doesn't really matter to me.
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    Yet not only the TSA but most of the media also assumes that one complaint reflects only one person's experience.
  13. CelticWhisper

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    True. Though, when you look at it and think it through, it makes sense. TSA has a vested interest in minimizing the perceived effect of complaints. We've seen time and again how they're actually scared shitless of bad PR and thus make the process of obtaining a complaint form unreasonably and unjustifiably difficult, and how Babbling Bob and Reichskommissar John S. Pistole repeat ad nauseam that "This was a lone bad apple, acting alone. This doesn't reflect on our tens of thousands of other blue-shirted prokaryotes."

    The media...well, I'm no press analyst so it's tricky for me to say. I certainly believe that at least some of them are drinking the TSA kool-aid. Others may not care and are only regurgitating the TSA story because they're too busy reporting on what Britney Spears is doing today and just want to have something, anything current-events related. Lip service and no more. Others may be like my mother when it comes to these issues - optimistic to a fault, always trying to see the silver lining, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Usually commendable and it's not their fault that this time it happens to be a liability. Even so, a year of scope-n-grope should be more than enough time for them to realize that all is not well in the land of Oz.

    Luckily we do have some news outlets coming around. The NYTimes article with Bill's quote (should we call it the Fisher Article?) is proof of this. They're beginning to see that 2+2!=5.
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    CW, I know a lot of journalists. They're as clueless as the general population. And yes, many of them are outright TSA apologists. I have so much incriminating stuff from them in writing.
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    My first laugh out loud moment of the day! Thanks for that!! :D
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    My s.o. just got an email alert from Alaska Air (where we both used to be mvp gold members) letting him know about some great flight deals that prior to last year we would have jumped on. He wrote back to Alaska letting them know that we wouldn't be buying and that the TSA security experience is why. We do this religiously whenever we get anything from Alaska.

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