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    Seattle Weekly: Border Patrol's Bad Week: Federal Judge and 11 Congress Members Deliver Blows

    It's been another bad week for the Border Patrol. At the same time that the agency got hit over the head in court, it faced a bunch of politicians calling for an official investigation. Both developments, as readers of SW's past coverage likely know, relate to charges of racial profiling.

    The legal blow came in the form of a ruling by U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle in Seattle. The Border Patrol had asked the judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit against the agency filed by three Olympic Peninsula residents--all U.S. citizens and two of them correctional officers--who said they had been stopped and questioned by Border Patrol agents for no discernible reason other than their dark skin.

    By law, agents are required to have "reasonable suspicion" of illegal activity before such an interrogation.

    Rather than grapple with the facts of the case, the agency contended in its motion for summary judgment that the three plaintiffs lacked the "standing" to sue because they couldn't show a likelihood of immediate harm--in other words that they would be stopped again.


    It's reports like these that have 11 Congress members calling for an investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office ...

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