Second Strip Search Victim Comes Forward

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I think it's pretty clear by now that the TSA does remove the pants and underwear of elderly ladies. I don't know why they do this, but it's deeply offensive. They do not call this a strip search, but the victims certainly do. I imagine that if the TSA performed the acts they would define as a "strip search" the victim would have to be hospitalized immediately. They're abusing their targets to exactly that extent that the shattered victim can still continue to shamble forward, but not one iota less.
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  3. Doober

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    I guess the TSA would not consider it a strip search unless all of a person's clothing were removed at one time. Partially removing clothing is not, to them, consider to be a strip. Let me tell you, I'd consider it such!
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    They can say it is not a strip search because it does not follow the entire strip search protocol, as experienced by Hebshi at the detroit airport. But they indeed removed this person's clothing or intimidated her into allowing them to do it. It is nothing less than has been reported by several people in her demographic over the past few months. And if there are many reporting it, there are a lot more who say nothing after it happened to them.

    They do this to people they think they can do it to. It is unconscionable that they don't have a procedure in place to protect the passenger and themselves. Sorry, a second TSA goonette does not do it, does not qualify as an unbiased witness. It has to be a third party.
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  5. Elizabeth Conley

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    Not only is the second thug not an unbiased witness, but she or he only adds to the fear and humiliation the victim experiences. The presence of the second thug in no way benefits the victim.
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    There are so many accounts of strip-searches in the Master Lists. So many. Of different people, different ages, different types, etc. But usually, of course, women.
  7. RadioGirl

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    And here's that predicted outrage from experts and elected representatives:
    Maybe you could share with the rest of us, Pete, why the TSA is "concerned" over three elderly women. Because I sure can't figure it out.

    Or you, Bob. Let's hear you explain the sudden threat from grannies.
    "A ways to go", Chuck? Are you serious?
    Oh, wait, let's hear from the people you answer to:
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    Well, if Eileen Haggerty of Pleasantville has items stolen out of her bag by TSA agents or is sexually assaulted by them, then we'll see if she still thinks they're doing 'a great job'.
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  9. LeeAnne

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    Are these people on DRUGS??? WTF? When's the last time a terrorist tried to get a bomb on a plane in a teddy bear, or an elderly person's medical device? I'll tell you...NEVER! It's NEVER happened! Do they NOT see this? How can they think it's okay to strip-search innocent civilians on the off chance that something that has NEVER HAPPENED might happen?

    OMG. They're all high!
  10. RadioGirl

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    This is my translation of TSA's pathetic babbling: "Panic! Panic! Terrorists are everywhere!! Terrorists could be anyone!! We need to sexually molest children and strip search grannies to find the terrorists!! We haven't found them yet, so we have to even do MORE to find them!!! We have to do SOMEthing!!! Quick, do SOMEthing!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

    I'm not sure whether they're on drugs or whether they need to be institutionalized and pumped full of something to calm them down. Maybe calm them down permanently, if you get my drift. This is seriously out of control. :mad:
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  11. DeafBlonde

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    They are NOT high; they are DRUNK with power.:mad:
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  12. DeafBlonde

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    IOW, give us more money so that we can keep doing this necessary molestation!!
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  13. Mike

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    Never mind Chuck. He just lives for the next photo op -- never get between Chuck Schumer and a camera.
  14. Lisa Simeone

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    I won't use the language on TUG that I want to. The language I use in my private life. But use your imagination.

    I will say that I dearly wish for Josh Rolnick of Merrick and Eileen Haggerty of Pleasantville, and everyone out there like them, to be assaulted by the TSA.

    We now live in a country where not only is it all right for people to be routinely abused -- even sexually -- as a matter of course, but where people feel perfectly comfortable stating this outright. Where they feel no compunction about saying publicly that it's okay that their fellow human beings are being abused.

    I really don't know what to say anymore.
  15. Doober

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    I heard King and Schumer last night and felt like barfing. My wish for every single one of those AFS types is that they, too, suffer at the hands of the TSA: the old one grope at a time solution. It works but it's very slow.
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    Poor Ms Sherman was strip searched over her colostomy bag - right?

    So if the hysteria is over the colostomy bag, why weren't the contents of the bag examined? After all, stripping Ms Sherman of her clothing does not prove the colostomy bag does not contain explosives.

    From the facts I must conclude that the abuse of Ms Sherman was about degradation of Ms Sherman specifically and the U.S. citizen in general, not explosive detection.

    Again - nobody proved Ms Sherman didn't have a colostomy bag full of high explosives. The TSA proved they could force Ms Sherman to strip her pants and underwear off for an audience of two thugettes in police costumes.

    DHS and the TSA are proving that U.S. citizens will do absolutely nothing to protect our grandmothers from abuse. We have no pride. We have no shame. We are dumb animals, ripe for the slaughter.
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