Secret Detentions Being Used to Thwart "Terrorism"

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by barbell, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. barbell

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    This is just downright scary: Source: Md. teen in secret custody over alleged role in 'Jihad Jane' plot (MSNBC)

    Reports have surfaced that a 17-year-old Pakistani immigrant, who has accepted a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, is in "secret U.S. custody" on accusations that he has helped recruit others to help "Jihad Jane."

    It sounds to me like another one of these "terrorism" plots concocted by the FBI so they can create a "terrorist" and then arrest them to show America that they are thwarting "Terrorism."

  2. Mike

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    Rule #1: Never talk to the police without an attorney present. They are not your friends. You have nothing to gain, everything to lose.

    Rule #2: Read rule #1.

    Rule #3: Repeat.
  3. Cartoon Peril

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    Terrorized by a nerdy teenager.
  4. Elizabeth Conley

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    They can lie to you with impunity, and often do.

    If you make one error in your facts, no matter how innocent, you could face a variety of charges for the "lie". This is true even if you are guilty of no crime whatsoever.

    Never, ever, ever talk to the cops without your lawyer present, PARTICULARLY if you are innocent.
  5. Cartoon Peril

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    The prosecutor's best friend is 18 USC 1001, which makes it illegal to lie to a federal officer in the course of his/her duties. Thus, when you are asked by some officious twit: "Why are you coming to Boston?", and, smart aleck you, you say "For a date with your wife", you'd better have the intent to do that.

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