Security breach at Charlotte-Douglas Airport [CLT]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Two versions of the story are in circulation, one is that they passenger took his bag and walked on, perhaps not even realizing that it required closer scrutiny, and the other that "the passenger became disgruntled when he was pulled aside for extra screening and then continued to walk into the airport as they searched his bag".

    And there a couple accounts as to how the breach was resolved, one that TSA located the man and inspected the bag, and the other that they reviewed the x-ray image and determined that there were no prohibit items in the bag.

    Apparently they're so eager to rack up brownie points in the media that they can't even put out a consistent, coherent story.

    Sources: Charlotte Observer, WSOC, WCNC
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    As usual its the fault of someone else. Seem that these have been less frequently reported, so either 1) TSA is sweeping them under the rug, 2) there are breaches but they fail to spot them and least likely, 3) that there are really fewer breaches.
    I'll go with 2) since that is the most believable with these clowns.
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    The TSA exudes a reek of desperation and irrelevance.

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