Security flaws at D.C. airports published

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    In a "statement of work" to solicit bids ...

    Computer World: Security flaws exposed at Washington, D.C. airports

    The document included a detailed map of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, a diagram of the entire electronic security system - including connection and protocol details for key components - and an outline of which COTS hardware/software are used, down to the router brands and types.

    After reviewing the document, [Matthijs Koot, an independent security researcher from the Netherlands] asked for a second opinion from a senior-level U.S. military cybersecurity specialist and former leader of a military Red Team that challenged government systems to identify weaknesses.

    Though he only agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, the specialist says the document contained "exactly the type of open source information that the team and I were always looking for in order to lay the groundwork for targeting of a system."

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