Sex Tourism in Costa Rica

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mike, Aug 1, 2013.

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    One of the interesting things about the "other place" is that you get to interact with & often meet people from all walks of life, although who they really are often remains elusive.

    A few years ago I was wondering about one well-known guy's handle and Googled it, finding to my surprise a ton of posts in another forum known as the International Sex Guide, where "mongers" (as they call themselves) discuss their expeditions to foreign locations in search of prostitutes. The countries to which this guy discusses his travels are pretty much the same on both sites: Thailand, Costa Rica & Brazil.

    Thought of him when I stumbled across this article on sex tourism in Costa Rica:

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    Interesting -- Other than asking you to PM me the handle, I'm curious because I have had a cold one with a couple of the posters "over there" over the years.

    Back on topic, several years ago, I was making fairly regular trips to Russia and the Ukraine for joint space programs. Although it never happened to me, several of the guys who stayed at a certain hotel in the Ukraine came back and said that they got a call from the front desk in the evening asking if they "wanted company." if you politely declined, they never called back again. I don't know what happened if you said, "Yes."

    On a related subject, I was once in lone at SVO heading home. I was right behind a couple of big ol' Texan oil guys. They were talking about this "company" service and about the young women as if they were pieces of meat. They talked loud enough for it to be heard by adjacent people. It really left me pretty disgusted, both from an exploitation aspect and because many Russians must have walked away with the notion that this is what all Americans must be like.

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