Lawsuit Shoshana Hebshi: Some Real Shock and Awe: Racially Profiled and Cuffed in Detroit

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Sep 12, 2011.

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    I hope she uses someone other than ACLU, they haven't exactly been on the forefront of this issue. The Rutherford Institute (pursuing the Aaron Tobey case) would be a far better alternative but she may not know of them.

    Either way I hope they FOIA the search and interrogation video, which I suspect will include the strip search as well.
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  2. Mike

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    The cases are very different. This is really a simple case of false arrest and illegal search, right up ACLU's alley.
  3. rockon

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    They did. They know that they can do it here and get away with it. The taxpayers might have to pony up a settlement now and then, but there aren't likely to be other repercussions.

    Ironically, I think most of them would defend it the same way Hebshi's treatment is being defended: it's the price someone has to pay for a 'free' society'.

    As long as the 'someone' is 'someone else', of course. Then it's OK. Especially if they're non-white.
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    We will soon hear about the woeful malfunction of the cameras. In fact, they probably have never been turned on. Budget problems, you know.
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  5. Lisa Simeone

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    Understatement of the year?
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  6. Actually, could be true. I for one am mildly surprised to hear Detroit still has a functioning police force.
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    The airport is not actually in Detroit.
  8. Caradoc

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    Right. Didn't OCP take over the police force?
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    Well, one thing's certain. Nobody in Detroit thinks the TSA pre-boarding search is effective, or they wouldn't have felt the need to ask her if she had any explosives - or strip search her.
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  11. RB

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    This airline and the so-called Law enforcement agencies involved are reminding me of a bunch of roaches running for a dark space with the lights get flicked on suddenly.

    If legal action is taken it will be years before any outcome is known but I'm betting quiet and confidential settlements to make this go away.
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    I liked this commentary from an anonymous FBI agent, from the story you linked:

    No kidding, sir or madam. But reasonableness is no longer acceptable in the USA post-9/11.
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    With all the TSA's blustering about how a "private room" search is always done by two individuals, I don't understand why only one person from DHS/TSA was present for the search. Unless, of course, the poor woman was lied to and there were, in fact, cameras watching the search. She was told to move over by the toilet to remove her clothes so the camera would not see her. However, in a holding cell, where is the most likely place someone would go to dispose of contraband? The toilet, of course.

    Three cheers for the person from the FBI!

    Edit: Talk about admitting one is wrong. I was wrong. She was told to stand away from the toilet so the camera wouldn't see the search. In that case, it makes it even more strange that only one person was in the cell while the search was being done.
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    And we still don't know the names of the two Indian men who were also abused. I'm not saying we should -- I don't blame them for wanting to stay out of the spotlight -- I'm saying that all this attention is focused on Shoshana Hebshi because she is a smart, articulate, privileged, middle-class woman with a blog audience. I still bet that these things have been perpetrated against other passengers whom, like the two Indian men, we'll never hear about.
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  15. Lisa Simeone

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    From that article nachtnebel linked above:
  16. barbell

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    And to read some of the comments on her blog, there are those who doubt the veracity of her story because:
    • She's trying to beef up her blog-reading audience
    • By making up a story to hoodwink everybody
    • She has too much time on her hands and "blogs, tweets, texts, and facebook" too much
    • Got what she deserved because like a spoiled brat tried to use her phone in flight
    These are actual comments from her blog (paraphrased, of course). You can't make this stuff up, folks. Some of the people among us really are that stupid.
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  18. Mike

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    I might be mistaken, but I don't believe the federal government can keep settlement terms confidential.
  19. Lisa Simeone

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    Sounds like they're overwhelmed. Probably too much cost-cutting, like at most papers, and they can't afford to pay someone to take care of this stuff.
  20. Mike

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    You'd want one of these bums at your house tending your garden? I wouldn't want them anywhere near my place.
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